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When thinking about starting a business, the most important thing that everyone thinks about is the product or the service and how much profits we can make. 

But when it comes to marketing the product or the service, a lot has changed over the years. 

If you already aren’t aware of the magnitude of the importance of having a website for any business, be prepared to have your mind blown. 

Let’s jump into the importance of building a website and how it contributes to business growth. 

Importance of Website

Adapt to the new age:

What’s the first rule when it comes to marketing? Get your audience’s attention and sell your product/service to them by explaining how we can solve their problem. 


So where are our customers at this age and time? Where do people spend most of their time so we can get an opportunity to present our business to them? 

Yes, you guessed it right. Social media! 

Stat Digest : Here’s a stat : over 4.55 billion people now use social media! That’s approximately half the world’s population! Source

From whatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, YouTube, Netflix to any website that we surf and spend our time on is a platform to market our products. 

We need to adapt to this new age where people spend more time on their phones than with anyone or anything else. 

The fact that you are reading this article to understand how important a website is itself is proof that people rely on digital platforms to solve their day-to-day problems. 

And what does our business do essentially? Solve people’s problems, right? So why don’t we start using this to serve people better? 

No matter our age, we all use digital platforms for all sorts of purposes. So go ahead! 

Better customer service and support:

If you have used any software or shop online a lot, you would understand how easier it is to get support from the businesses we buy products from. 

So if you have a business, you can interact with your customers/ potential customers/ website visitors in real-time with features like live chat, schedule a call, or support tickets to talk and understand their problems and fix them more efficiently.

These features will encourage word of mouth and just positive conversations about our brand and play an important role in improving our business or adding a new or complementary product.


Let’s quickly go through what an SEO is and how we can optimize our website for it to get thousands to millions of visitors to our website every single week. 

SEO means search engine optimization. Sites like google, bing, and YouTube are called “search engines” because they answer all the questions. 

And when we start a website, how do we get our articles featured in these search engines when someone asks a question about our business? 

For instance, if our business is about beauty products, when someone types any question/keyword about these products, these search engines will list down a list of websites. 

With the evolution of online business and everything, the website that provides the exact information about the question asked will probably make the sale. Right? 

Being there for our customers to answer their queries gives us something called google real estate, and we must get as much of this google real estate to establish ourselves as an expert in the industry. 

Getting our pages ranked in search engines is called search engine optimization. 

This way, we can get more and more traffic from Search engines, boosting our sales.

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Social media Marketing:

Have you ever seen ads while you are watching something interesting on YouTube? Or scrolling through your social media feed? 

You can do this for your business as well! 

Before you get skeptical about it, please read this: We get more targeting options in social media than anything else! 

The old means of marketing like TV ads, posters, newspaper ads are all very generic ads with a huge reach but think about it, how many calls do you get for every thousand or million people who watch your ads? 

If you target a specific gender, of a specific age, with a specific interest, and someone interested in your niche, will you be able to target them through these old marketing platforms, which are generic and extremely expensive with very little return on investment? 

Also, to run ads on these platforms, having a website is a must. 

A website is a place we will be sending the people who click on our ads to provide more information and finish the sale. 

Convenience for customers:

Imagine if Amazon. Com was a physically present marketplace. It would be not easy to walk through miles and miles of products even to find the section of products that we are interested in. 

Convenience is the most important aspect of having a website. We essentially make it easier for the customer to surf through our brand, explore everything we have to offer and read through the reviews. 

Even if you are a service-based business like a school or a university, having a website that explains our services, achievements, testimonials about our organization, and how much we have to offer will help potential customers better understand our brand. 

Makes sense, right? 

With the COVID pandemic and everything, EVERYTHING HAS MOVED ONLINE. 

From schools, universities, shopping, the entertainment sector, and everything has moved online. And having a website is the foundation for entry into the digital space. 

Stand out from competitors:

Irrespective of the product or the service we provide, even if we are a B2B business, we’ll have a bunch of competitors who would be waiting to take over the market and our customers. 

So as our potential customers evolve and start using different platforms, we must grow with them and use them as opportunities to form an impression and stand out of the crowd. 

It’s all about conquering a particular platform and establishing ourselves as industry/market leaders and a figure of authority and gaining their trust by solving their problems in the best possible way. 

And to conquer any digital platform, it’s very important to build and maintain a good quality website for your business.

Brand Reputation

Did you know that there are tools to listen to conversations about our brand across the digital platforms and track it? 

To be more clear, having a website and creating a brand online will help us talk to our customers directly and monitor the kind of reviews we get across all digital platforms. 

Also, having a professional website with loads of organic traffic and positive comments will help improve our brand’s reputation online. 

Makes sense, right? 


PPC or pay per click is a term generally used to refer to google ads. 

Google ads are bigger and slightly different from the other social media ads that we have seen so far. 

I don’t want to go too deep with this because it’s quite deep, and there’s so much one can do to grow their business with the help of Google ads!

But without a website, this wouldn’t be possible either! 

Let me give you an example of how well Google ads work so you will understand why one should have a website for their business:

With Google retargeting ads, we can target people who have visited our website before and promote the kind of offers they need to take the action we want them to take.

For instance, we can target people who have abandoned their carts and promote offers or get feedback on what made them abandon the transaction.

Very convenient, right? 

Conclusion :

It is quite clear that building a website for our business opens up a world of digital marketing opportunities, which could help grow our business to heights that we never imagined. 

There is a huge change in customer behavior, where they spend most of their time and what they pay attention to. So we need to conquer the platforms where our potential customer is at. 

It is already late to start a website from scratch, but it’s better late than never! 

Also, reach out to us if you want help to grow your startup in the digital space. Hope this article helped



Written by Sai Subramaniam

Sai has over 4 years experience in digital marketing and SEO working with over 20 companies to build their online presence. He created digital hope to share important news, updates and strategies related to digital marketing and SEO. Explore the SEO content writing course to get a good grasp on ON SITE SEO and Content writing

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