Is SEO still relevant today?

The nature of the SEO industry can be overwhelming to most and hence these kinds of questions are being thrown around in forums and are heard a lot in discussions. 

Quick answer to this question :

Yes it is. And it always will be relevant. 

Did you know? 68% of online experience starts with SEO

Reasons why people fear that SEO might be dead:

No more SEO hacks:

If you meant to ask : Will SEOs be able to manipulate search engines like before to rank low quality content? 


Search engines are becoming smarter by the day with over dozens of algorithm changes happening every single day. 

Popular techniques that people used to get instant results :

  • Backlink spamming
  • Keyword spamming

Now that google can identify and penalize pages using such tactics, people get frustrated and think that SEO is dead. 

If anything we could say that ” Black Hat SEO is dead”.

Algorithm changes:

Like mentioned above, Google literally changes its algorithm every single day. This gives some people the idea that SEO is unreliable and that it’s hard to keep up with the algorithm changes. 

Let me ask you all one question:

What is the point of these algorithm changes? What is Google trying to achieve? 

To give the most relevant and valuable results to satisfy the searchers intent. 

Yes it is important for SEO to keep a check on the major changes that’s happening in the SEO industry but these kinds of major changes don’t occur too often and as long as we have laid a strong SEO foundation in our website following good practices, there’s nothing much for us to worry about! 

We ourselves have a product to help you keep up with the major updates and changes that happen across digital marketing ( Not just SEO) and it’s free at the moment. Do check them out! 

Too much competition:

It’s quite evident that so many people are jumping into blogging and there are millions of web pages competing to rank for most of the searches we see in google. 

Now that SEO hacks are out of use and competition has increased, people think that only authoritative pages which have huge domain authority and years and years of publishing and ranking for content in a specific niche would dominate the SERP landscape. 

Well is that the case really? 

In fact google makes sure that the searchers don’t just get results from only the big brands because big brands aren’t the only players giving the most relevant and valuable results. In fact, it is getting easier for websites with low domain authority to outrank major players. 

How? Google now uses the E-A-T signal to identify expertise because experts give better answers. So no matter how many years pass, Google will find a way to give an equal chance to all websites to rank in the organic search results! 

Featured snippets have been around for years now. But Google is trying to improve seachers experience by giving as much data as possible in the SERPs so they wouldn’t have to surf through a lot of pages to arrive at the results they desire. 

This in turn has reduced CTRs to the other sites ranking in the SERPs and the chances of getting traffic seems to go smaller and smaller as search engines evolve. 

They also fear that more such features in the future might make it even harder for SEOs to try and get organic traffic. 

So, it’s true. SEO will get harder as search engines evolve and time passes. The efforts that many SEOs put in startups are going in vain because of lack of expertise and patience to understand and outrank the SERP landscape. 

So this might mean that there will be a demand for skilled SEOs in the future! 

Here’s a course that I created based on my experience working for dozens of companies and what I understood in the process of increasing the website traffic for these companies  

Saturation of channels:

“Change is the only thing that doesn’t change”

Makes sense right? Take any channel or platform right now. Everything saturates at a certain point! Engagements and ROI via social media has gone down over the years and it continues to decrease

Does this mean SEO will die out at a certain point? Or is it already dead? 

No. But it will evolve and become something else over the next decade. We are already noticing significant reduction in Click through rates.

 But think about it from a customer’s perspective! Chances are you found this article by searching “Is SEO dead”. And the number of people using search engines are increasing with time.

Unlike social media and other platforms, the organic results we see are becoming better and better as time goes by. Do you agree?

All these algorithm changes and the new changes we see in the SERPs and the new features like voice search are there only to improve our experience in the search engines.

Makes sense right?

So will Search engines saturate? Yes. Will it die? No, it’ll keep evolving!


So by just observing everything that we have discussed so far, it’s quite obvious that SEO isn’t dead and will most probably never die because of the immense user base of Google and the trust and reliance that people have on organic results when compared to anything else.

SEO will grow, evolve and become different from what it was yesterday. It has already changed so much over the years and it will continue to change with time and we would have to embrace that


In this article we explore all the reasons why people think that SEO might be dead. it is mostly because of the fact that many brands have conquered the SERPs for most of the high value keywords which gives very little space for new websites to rank and get good organic traffic!

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