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Social Media and SEO | Ways Social Media can improve SEO

Let’s just start this ” Google has denied the myths around social media being a ranking factor and has clearly stated that it doesn’t affect SEO at all”

So what’s the point of this article? Let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. 

Also here’s a thing about Google, the company cannot just spoon feed us every single ranking signal and how “something”can be used to improve our organic rankings and SEO. 

Because if it does, people (SEOs)  would try and manipulate the signal to improve their rankings. So let’s see how social media can actually help organic rankings. 

Ways Social Media can improve SEO

Brand recognition :

Let’s get into the mentality of a searcher. They are in one of the stages of the buyer’s journey and based on that they want answers to various kinds of questions that’s in their mind. 

When they seek answers to problems, people tend to listen to the people they trust. In this case, this comes in the form of brand recognition. 

When a searcher sees our website in the top results of an SERP, they are more likely to click through to our website since they are aware of us from social media. 

If there’s no proper social media presence we would lose our clicks to our competitors and this would literally make us lose rankings. 

This is called pogo sticking and it’s an actual factor. So having brand recognition through social media actually affects ranking ab it

NOTE : Pogo sticking is an engagement metric and it technically wouldn’t affect rankings in any ways until our page actually ranks higher in the SERPs. 

In short:

  • Helps improve CTR
  • Pages per session improved. 

Adding to the value of content : Resources:

“Quality content” is the most important factor in SEO. Without quality content there’s no way to improve our domain authority and SEO scores  

Makes sense right? Content is fuel to all our SEO efforts. 

What makes a quality content? 

  • Content that serves the search intent in the most satisfactory way
  • Content that’s actually valuable with added resources to help the searchers answer their question

While webpages have written text in them mostly, having a YouTube video embedded in them or an Infographic from our Pinterest account or just reusing the related posts we created in social media and adding them to our article when it’s appropriate will definitely help improve rankings! 

In addition to that, Having videos and infographics will help improve the time spent by the searcher on page which is also an engagement metric (dwell time) that google takes into account for ranking purposes. 

  • Serves the user
  • Improves Dwell time

Brand search volume : Improves organic rankings:

Recently in search engine journal, I read an article about how brand search volume can affect organic rankings. 

This might cause fear among some SEOs because bigger brands usually have huge search volume for branded keywords and it’s definitely hard to compete if this becomes an important search factor. 

Brands are usually more trustworthy and authoritative and hence they do have a slight advantage over smaller websites. So if you are a smaller website, focus on creating a strong brand around a niche. 

This can be very hard and almost impossible without a proper social media presence. 

Influencer : EAT : expert and trustworthy

Google released the E-A-T ranking signal to improve the reliability of search results especially when it comes to the sensitive topics that could affect people’s life drastically. 

But in generally as well Google has preferred articles and webpages written by experts or a person of authority in a particular niche. 

How can one establish themselves as an expert or an authority in a particular topic? 

There are many ways to do that and social media is one of them. Becoming a influential figure in one or many of the social media platforms will definitely make our blogs more likely to succeed. 

Of course this just means as an Influencer, your perspective on that topic would be different from everyone else which makes our content unique and potentially more valuble to the readers. This is why webpages written by experts outrank other pages 

Which is the best form of marketing that’s been ther forever? 

“Word of mouth”

In today’s world, everyone is always engaged with something or the other. And majority of our free time is spent in one of the digital platforms which includes social media. 

So in these times, word of mouth has translated into social media shares and the more shares we earn, the more people know about the brand or our products. 

We have discussed how this would help us get a lot of brand recognition. But this would also get us something even more valuble : Natural Backlinks! 

Live chats help with improving Engagement and Dwell time:

Now we can integrate social media with our website in order to build a sense of community and drive traffic from one another. 

The most important integration feature is this : “Live chats”

With live chats companies can now instantly interact with website visitors and help solve their problems and potential doubts that they might have with our products/services!

In addition to this, we can promote blogs and videos using these live chat feature as well to help push our customers down the sales funnel/buyers journey smoothly. 

This helps our SEO in many ways

  • Improved dwell time
  • Pages per session
  • More trust in our brand with quick engagement

These engagement metrics will only come into place if the page is already generating alot of traffic so we can engage and improve our rankings further. 

Help get engagement in blog : Adds value to the webpage! Comments are indexed too. 

This is another form of engagement we are talking about here. Comments in webpages. 

How valuable are they and how much does it actually affect SEO? 

Comments are indexed by google and are considered a part of the main web page itself. Of course a lot of people try and misuse comments to get backlinks but still as an SEO you need to promote or even incentivise people to engage and give genuine comments on our blog. 

This definitely adds value to the whole webpage and engaged content means only one thing : readers love what they are reading! 

Quick Traffic : Direct traffic to webinars : Dwell Time :

One trick that we can use to get better domain ratings is hosting webinars in our website as webinars keeps people in the webpage and this will do some good for our website engagement metrics. 

And the best way to quickly get traffic is via social media! Use social media for these purposes! 

Use for Outreach Efforts:

When it comes to link building, outreach is a term that’s been used alot. Outreach is essentially reaching out to people and building conversations to better develop relationship with people who can give us valuble links. 

But still many SEOs don’t realize that social media is the best way to do this! Emails are barely opened in recent times and that platform has been losing engagement over the years. 

Try using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms where you have the best chance of getting their attention and eventually pitch in the idea of links. 

Customer Retention : Traffic becomes followers and followers follow us! 


Returning visitors might barely have an effect on SEO but it does alot of good to our business goals and marketing efforts. Having a community of people in our fingertips to reach out to can really help.  


So it’s clear from this article that social media is a very powerful tool which can be used to drive our SEO efforts. Social media helps with alot of engagement metrics which affects organic rankings. 

But to be honest, if you are a social media influencer, you can’t just create a webpage and expect it to rank if you don’t follow atleast the basic SEO rules. Social media is just one of the things which can potentially help improve organic rankings. Remember that! 

Hope this article helped

Hope this blog helped! 

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