Digital Marketing & SEO


Digital World is filled with endless opportunities and I cant wait to explore them all


Very good in ON Site, OFF Site and Technical SEO. I have over 5 years experience working in SEO and is my strongest suite


Led a team of content writers to improve the website traffic from 4000/month to over 28,000/month


At JustWatch, I lead the widget team and acquired over 150 partners for over 500K links. We improved the website traffic from 25 Million to over 50 million in 8 months


I started my digital Marketing career when I started by own ecommerce site where I did dropshipping (POD Tshirts)



I ran ads for a huge restaurant chain and ecommerce outlet in Chennai across all social media platforms and on Google (Searh, Display and retargetting ads) with over 1 lakh budget/week


I ran widget and data campaigns in JustWatch where we sent over 400 emails per week and I maintained all communications

My Personal Projects


POD Dropshipping site that I built using WordPress to get an hands on experience on running marketing campaigns when I first started in the field. I experimented with running ads and learnt how to build and manage a ecommerve site and a product portfolio using WordPress.


Started as "bleeding hope" in 2018 when I started writing about mental health and then later used to explore my knowledge and passion for digital marketing and travel. I write SEO Optimized blog in my website and create content on social related to lifestyle and marketing.


I created a SEO content writing course based on the things I learnt in my SEO journey.

I have around 32 certifications across different fields in Digital Marketing

SEO Specialization, Content and Social Media Marketing Specializations in Coursera, Linkedin and Hubspot

Work Experience - SEO


ON page & Content

I was leading the SEO content team of an Ed.Tech Company in India where we worked together and increased the SEO traffic of the company from 1000/week to over 7000/week. This was done using an intelligent SEO content strategy. I also contributed to ON SITE SEO improvements in JustWatch. 

Content Creation and management : I love content creation so much that I have my own blog and channels in social media platforms to create and share content.  I know the best practices and I understand what works and what doesn’t. I have been doing this for 6 years now. 

My own SEO content writing course: I even have a SEO content writing course on my site. You can check it out here:


I have experience working in various link building campaigns and I strongly believe that links are still a strong factor in link building campaigns.

Widget campaigns:  With JustWatch, as a team we improved the website traffic from 25 million users per month to over 50 million users per month. I lead the widget team where we partnered with sites who wished to use our widget and get links from them. So far, I have acquired over 200 partners and over 2 Million links in the past one year.

Broken Link building campaigns: I lead the broken link building campaigns in JustWatch where we targeted sites linking to broken URLs on streaming platforms for which we had the right replacement URLs. The conversion rate was close to 2% here.

Other link building tactics: At Entrayn Education I lead the SEO team and my team worked on smaller lin building tactics like Guest Posts, content republishing, press releases, Broken link building and networking with other bloggers in the industry to potentially gain links from them. Apart from this we also used social bookmarking, forums, citations, directories, blogger reviews etc which is pretty outdated now.

Data Campaigns: At JustWatch, with a huge website with tremendous amounts of data, we ran multiple data campaigns like Weekly Top 10s and upcoming and leaving campaigns to get links from other bloggers in our niche

Technical SEO Experience:

As I built many websites, I have worked on site structure, friendly URLs, redirections and canonicals, built my own sitemap and robots.txt, optimized website loading speed and core web vitals.

At JustWatch, I had the opportunity to use ScreamingFrog, using which I crawled and analyzed the site's structure, fixed 404s, duplicate content, page speed and the various meta data.

Website Migration: I have even worked on migrating my own website from to

Tools: I have in depth experience using tools like Analytics and search console to both analyze data and gain various insights out of it.

Working Student SEO - JustWatch Gmbh
Berlin, Germany (Nov 2022 - Present)
  • As a working student I was responsible for leading and running the widget campaigns for the purpose of building links.
  • I have acquired over 200 partners and over 2 Million links in the past one year.
  • As a team we increased the wensite traffic from 25 million to over 50 million monthly users
  • Writing API pitches to potential partners, onboarding and maintaining partner relationships
  • Also helped with running data campaigns to fetch more variety of links
  • Contributed to Google News setup and strategy
  • Performing content analysis using streaming
Senior SEO Executive - Entrayn Education
Chennai, India (June 2020 - Sept 2022)
  • SEO Team Achievement: Elevated website traffic from 1,000 to over 7,000 visits per week through strategic SEO initiatives.
  • Keyword & SERP Analysis: Conducted intensive research to pinpoint high-traffic, low-competition topics, driving content strategy.
  • Backlink Team Leadership: Directed the backlink building team to enhance link quality and website authority.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO): Improved rankings and downloads for our Android and Apple apps through effective ASO techniques.
  • YouTube SEO & Content Development: Spearheaded YouTube SEO efforts and content creation to boost visibility and engagement.
  • Lead Generation Enhancement: Utilized competitor analysis to refine lead generation tactics on the website.
  • Social Media Management: Managed the social media team, planning content to foster organic growth.
  • Digital Advertising Involvement: Actively participated in Google and social media ad campaigns to maximize reach and impact.
Content Maketing Intern - Business Quant
Remote (Nov 2019 - Jan 2020)
  • Keyword & Content Research
  • SEO Audit and ON-Page Optimization
  • OFF page audit and backlink building
  • Competitor research and content strategy
SEO & Content Writing Intern - Editing Corp
Remote (July 2019 - Sept 2019)
  • SEO Proficiency: Comprehensive keyword and content research, detailed SEO audits, and effective on-page optimization.
  • Off-Page: Skilled in off-page audits and strategic backlink building.
  • Competitive Analysis & Strategy: Proficient in competitor research with a focus on developing robust content strategies.
  • SEO Content Writing: I wrote and optimized content.
Website Manager - Anytime Doctor
Remote (Mar - July 2019)
  • SEO Audit & Technical Optimization: Conducted comprehensive SEO audits and optimized site architecture for technical excellence.
  • On-Site Content Enhancement: Focused on maximizing organic performance by optimizing site structure, metadata, page layout, and internal linking strategies.
  • SEO Content Development: Created content tailored for SEO relevance to enhance search visibility.
  • User Experience Improvement: Added relevant pages and sections to the website to enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Local SEO Management: Managed and optimized local profiles to boost local search presence and performance.
SEO Intern- The Woo Mag
Remote (Jan - May 2019)
  • Content & Keyword Research: Conducted in-depth keyword research to identify opportunities for content optimization.
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyzed competitors' content strategies and marketing initiatives to inform our approach.
  • SEO Monitoring & Reporting: Oversaw organic traffic metrics using Google Search Console and Analytics, managing and delivering comprehensive SEO reports.
  • Content Creation & Social Media: Specialized in crafting engaging written content and social media posts.
  • Social Media Campaign Management: Executed and managed social media campaigns to enhance audience engagement and brand visibility.
SEO Intern- The Woo Mag
Remote (Jan - May 2019)
  • Content Research - Keyword research to identify
  • Competitive Analysis - Analyzing competitors and their content expansion & other marketing strategies
  • Monitor Organic traffic in search console & Analytics and manage the SEO report
  • Content creation - Writing an social media post creation
  • Running social campigns
SEO & Content Writing Intern - The IEPS Education
Remote (Dec 2018 - Jan 2019)
  • SEO Content Creation: Crafted informative blog posts and website content, enhancing SEO efforts and maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Collaborative Design Integration: Worked closely with designers to develop engaging infographics and multimedia content, enriching blog narratives and visual appeal.

Social Media & Paid Ads Experience

Social Media and Campaign  Manager - Coffee House
Remote (May - Jul 2020)
  • Creating and managing social media
  • Run campaigns across all social platforms
  • Optimizing those Campaigns
  • Using various social media marketing strategies to increase conversions
Campaign Manager -
Remote (April - July 2020)
  • Creating and running campaigns across all social platforms and Google networks
  • Optimizing those Campaigns
  • creating reports
  • Manage social media presence
Design and Social Media Marketing Intern - Nature's Tattva
Remote (Mar - April 2019)
  • Graphic Design: Crafted engaging graphics tailored for various social media platforms to enhance visual branding.
  • Brand Awareness: Implemented strategies that boosted brand visibility and audience engagement.
  • Conversion Optimization: Refined social media calls-to-action, contributing to improved conversion rates.
  • Social Media Optimization: Streamlined social media practices for increased reach.
  • SEO & Content: Developed SEO-driven content, supporting improved organic search performance.
Social Media Marketing Intern - DugriStyle Jewels
Remote (Mar - April 2019)
  • Content Development: Specialized in creating engaging social media content, including writing posts and designing visuals.
  • Campaign Management: Executed and monitored social media campaigns, focusing on audience engagement and brand promotion.

Internship & Part Time Experiences

I have worked with over 10 companies in various parts of Digital marketing. Please check my resume down below for more information about the same

Sai Subramaniam The digital Hope

About me

Ever since I started my ecommerce store back in 2018, I have been learning and working on different roles within digital marketing to better understand how to successfully run marketing campaigns in different niches. When I was doing my UG back in India, I worked with over 15 companies in various roles like SEO, content writing, designing, social media marketing, Running ads for a huge restaurant chain in Chennai across all the digital platforms

With a good content writing background, I started publishing content in my other site where I write about mental health, lifestyle and digital marketing. Along with this, I started a full time role as a senior SEO analyst in an education consultant company where I lead a team of content writers and SEO executives to increase the traffic from 4000/month to over 28,000/month. 

Now, I moved to Germany to pursue my masters in International Marketing at IU University of Applied Sciences. I have finished the degree while working as a “Working Student SEO” at JustWatch. Here, as a team we improved the website traffic from 25 million users per month to over 50 million users per month. I was leading the widget team where we partner with sites who wish to use our widget and get links from them. So far, I have acquired over 130 partners and over 2M links in the past 1 year.

As amazing as it is, I would love to explore opportunities to work with an amazing companies and teams like yours to further develop my knowledge and expose myself to new problems so I could grow as an SEO and a digital marketer.