Digital Marketing & SEO


Digital World is filled with endless opportunities and I cant wait to explore them all


Very good in ON Site, OFF Site and Technical SEO. I have over 5 years experience working in SEO and is my strongest suite


Led a team of content writers to improve the website traffic from 4000/month to over 28,000/month


At JustWatch, I lead the widget team and acquired over 150 partners for over 500K links. We improved the website traffic from 25 Million to over 50 million in 8 months


I started my digital Marketing career when I started by own ecommerce site where I did dropshipping (POD Tshirts)



I ran ads for a huge restaurant chain and ecommerce outlet in Chennai across all social media platforms and on Google (Searh, Display and retargetting ads) with over 1 lakh budget/week


I ran widget and data campaigns in JustWatch where we sent over 400 emails per week and I maintained all communications

My Personal Projects


POD Dropshipping site that I created to get an hands on expeience on running marketing campaigns when I first started in the field. I experimented with running ads and learnt how to build and manage a ecommerve site and a product portfolio using WordPress


Started as "bleeding hope" in 2018 when I started writing about mental health and then later used to explore my knowledge and passion for digital marketing and travel.


I created a SEO content writing course based on the things I learnt improve the website traffic of a Education company by expanding the content using SEO analysis and targetting

I have around 32 certifications across different fields in Digital Marketing

SEO Specialization, Content and Social Media Marketing Specializations in Coursera, Linkedin and Hubspot

Work Experience

Working Student SEO - JustWatch Gmbh (Nov 2022 - Present)
Worked Majorly in OFF SITE SEO, lead the widget team and acquired over 150 patners (500,000 link potential)
Senior SEO Executive - Galvanize Test Prep (June 2020 - Sept 2022)

Led the SEO & ASO team and improve the monthly website traffic from 4000/month to over 28,000/month

Internship & Part Time Experiences

I have worked with over 10 companies in various parts of Digital marketing. Please check my resume down below for more information about the same

About me

Ever since I started my ecommerce store back in 2018, I have been learning and working on different roles within digital marketing to better understand how to successfully run marketing campaigns in different niches. When I was doing my UG back in India, I worked with over 15 companies in various roles like SEO, content writing, designing, social media marketing, Running ads for a huge restaurant chain in Chennai across all the digital platforms

With a good content writing background, I started publishing content in my other site where I write about mental health, lifestyle and digital marketing. Along with this, I started a full time role as a senior SEO analyst in an education consultant company where I lead a team of content writers and SEO executives to increase the traffic from 4000/month to over 28,000/month. 

Now, I moved to Germany to pursue my masters in International Marketing at IU University of Applied Sciences and I am working as a “Working Student SEO” role at JustWatch. Here, as a team we improved the website traffic from 25 million users per month to over 50 million users per month. I am leading the widget team where we partner with sites who wish to use our widget and get links from them. So far, I have acquired over 130 partners and over 400K links in the past 9 months.

As amazing as it is, I would love to explore opportunities to work with an amazing companies and teams like yours to further develop my knowledge and expose myself to new problems so I could grow as an SEO and a digital marketer.