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What is Buyer’s Journey? | It’s SEO significance (2022 Guide)

If you are running a business, you know how important it is to understand your customers and their needs. 

Serving our customers with as much value as we can is extremely essential if we wish for our business to grow and make money. 

Two. Important things to know :

  • Buyers persona
  • Customer journey. 

What is a buyer’s persona? 

Buyer’s persona is a research based profile which depicts our target customers. That is, buyers persona is an “idea of our ideal customer” Who’s most likely to buy our products/services

What is a buyer’s journey? 

Customer journey is the stages that our customers go through before deciding to buy a product. 

The more we understand about the thought processes our buyers go through from the moment they decide they have a problem to the stages where they research and understand about the problems and it’s solutions and then eventually deciding to go with our products and services

Why do we need to do this? 

So we can be there for them every step of the journey to guide them and help them understand their problems and all the potential solutions they have and at the same time make them realize the value of our products and services. 

This will also help us gain their trust and a good brand reputation

So what are the general stages of a buyer’s journey? 

Awareness Stage:

This is a stage in the buyer’s journey where they are just aware of the problem that they have. People in this stage are usually looking for more information about the problem and aren’t really interested in hearing about your product or service. 

They are concerned and the kind of questions they seek answers to is different and hence should be tailored according to their needs so we are more relatable and reliable to them

Remember : People in this stage barely have any knowledge about the problem itself and are just looking for resources to understand it. 

Example : Why do my teeth hurt when I drink cold beverages? 

How to serve our buyers well during the awareness stage? 

  • Write informational blogs targeting keywords in the awareness stage. 
  • Don’t be salesy at all! 
  • Try to understand the kinds of questions they ask in this stage and answer them all as well as you can : Go to relevant forums to get these Qs. 

Consideration Stage:

It is at this stage that the buyers actually define their problem properly and seek to explore solutions to their problem. 

This is the stage where the customers are exposed to all the products that’s available in the market. They are not yet ready to be sold on any of the products/services/DIY methods. 

They are just exploring and understanding the pros and cons of all the solutions they see on the internet. 

Example : How to get rid of cavities? 

How to serve our buyers well during the consideration stage? 

  • Writing in depth blogs with statistics and pros and cons for keywords in this category
  • Understanding the categories of solutions that our customers explore so we can cover about them in the blog
  • Adding as much resources as possible to help them decide which category of solution is right for them

Decision stage : 

This is the stage when the buyer has decided on an approach / method of solution and is looking for a list of people/companies to provide this solution for them. 

For instance ” Where can I get root canal surgery in new York? How much does it cost?”

How to serve our buyers well during that decision stage? 

  • Understanding the criterias that’s important for them and the potential objections they might have before the sales process to better address them in the content we create targeting this stage
  • Making sure our unique selling proposition is clear
  • Providing comparison between our products and all the competitor products available out there. 

How to identify the right buyer’s journey for our company? 

The buyer’s journey would obviously be a bit different for different products and niches. And in order to understand it correctly one might have to do the following things

  • Talk with a sales representative in your company since they interact more with customers than anyone else. 
  • Talking to your customers directly and getting feedback from them to understand their journey towards identifying our products

Hope this article helped


Why do we craft buyers journey?

The purpose of crafting buyers journey is to understand our customers and their pain points and the journey they go through before purchasing a product

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