Facebook Ads Conversions Playbook

Advertising without a plan or a strategy is like throwing expensive flyers into the wind hoping someone would catch it!

Don’t make that mistake!

If you are having troubles with coming up with a proper facebook ads strategy, other than running the basic traffic ads and waiting for conversions, you are in the right place!

First let’s look into facebook ads optimization:



    • Frequency
    • ROI
    • Relevance Score
    • CTR
    • CPA
    • Further look at reports and optimize
    • Behavior targetting
    • Life events Targetting:
    • Auxiliary audience:
    • Use custom audiences for Targetting:
    • Use lookalike audience:
    • Use layered Targetting:
    • Use existing post for ads 
    • Use video ads!!
    • Optimize ad schedule:
    • Optimize for placements :
    • Separate ads for desktop and mobile newsfeed:
    • Separate ads for desktop feed and right column ads 
    • Ad rotation to prevent ad fatigue:
    • Use rules to auto optimize:
    • Exclude converted audience from ads:


  • Whitelisting:
  • Use influencer generated content for ads:
  • Copywriting strategy:
  • 1) Warm up your audience: Then convert
  • 2) Give aways + Compensation retargetting
  • Create separate exclusive offers for abandoned carts:
  • Messenger ads for feedbacks:
  • Second Hand) Conversion + Lookalike + Retargetting:
  • Negative reviews can be used to promote a feature of the product 
  • Fast take off strategy:
  • Experiment:
    • Dynamic retargetting ads:
    • Have you tried carousel ads?
    • Have you tried multiple product ads?

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Facebook Ads optimization:

Watch video for detailed explaination of facebook ads optimization

When we run an ad : We need to monitor certain metrics to understand what changes we need to make so that the ads would perform better!

Here’s some metrics you need to monitor!

 Monitor metrics : 

 What are the important metrics to monitor?

Frequency: (To change : creative)

  • Frequency is the number of times a single person views your ad
    •  if frequency goes up : People start hating the brand.
    • CPC increases
    • CTR decreases
  • To Change :
    • The creative used can be changed
    • You can use “rules” to make sure the frequency is set to a limit
    • Can use daily unique reach option to make this better

 Return On Investment (ROI)/ (ROAS)

  • Return on investment is the measure of efficiency of the ads run.
  • First : Set up Facebook pixels and so that you know what your ROI is:
  • To change
    • Offer you are providing
    • Targetting can be iterated ( as mentioned below)

Relevance score:

  •  How relevant the ads are to the targetted audience
    • If it isnt relevant you are just throwing your money away!
  • To Change :
    • Targetting needs to be adjusted for this
    • If you are having trouble with this check : Audience insights

CPA ( Cost per acquisition)

  • The cost of took to acquire one customer
    • When this is high, the ROI would become low for us which would be bad!


  • If CTR is low , then we have to change the creative : make it more appealing!

Look at the reports to optimize:

    • Reports give your details like which age segment/ gender/ income group/ and so on works well
    • Use this data to test and iterate! Until you get the best possible results!

Targetting optimization:

Behavior Targetting strategy:

    • Make sure you target the behavior of the customer
    • This data is powerful af ( They track your behavior across web)
      • You can target people with purchase behavior ( high probability of clicking on your ads)

Life events Targetting:

    • If you are a jewellery shop : you can! target people who have been engaged for one year
      • Time intervals after the life event can also be targeted!
    • You can target people on their birthdays
    • You can target close friends of people in a month
    • You can target people who are friends of newly engaged/ long distance relationship

Auxiliary audience:

    • Most people use interest Targetting to get to their audience.
    • But not everyone who’s interested showing it out on Facebook
    • So here’s how you can reach out to them:
      • Go to FB audience research and type in your niche
      • In the jobs category or in some other ones you can find a correlation
      • Like majority of people interested in digital marketing subscribe or come under “Sales and Marketing” Job Titles
      • Now you can branch out and reach these people.

Use custom audiences for Targetting:

    • Target people who visited your website
    • Target people who watched your videos
    • Target people who visited your Instagram profile
    • Include/Exclude Your customer base
    • This is extremely powerful as you can promote different offers to these differently targetted people
    • You can even target people from your email list!

Use lookalike audience:

    • Once you have alot of custom audiences : You can target people similar to them!
    • 1% similarity would get you the closest prospects in your targetted location
    • This will further help you grow!
    • To understand this properly, let’s say you had an amazing gf and you made a mistake and things just slipped away : 
      • Now lookalike audiences is like a tool to list out millions of girls who are 99% similiar to them. How would u like that? 

Use layered Targetting:

    • Means create saperate offers for targetted group of people
    • For example : You can target people over 60 and give them a offer in your service 
    • Gender, age, behavior and life events : can be used to go very very specific.
    • Example : a company targetted new parents with sleeping problems to sell their product. It was a hit!


Use existing post for ads 

    • Increases social proof ( Like display)
      • More trust
      • More clicks maybe

Use video ads!!

    • FB generates 8 billion video views everyday!
    • People who watch videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase from you!
    • Video is the way to standout and tell the story behind the ads!
    • Use FBS “Creative apps” 

Optimize ad schedule:

    • To only show ads during the best time of the day
    • You can use reports from existing campaigns to know this.
    • Or set the ads to custom.schedule

Optimize for placements :

    • CPC can vary by 550% based on placements alone!
    • In ads manager dashboard : use breakdown on top left to break it down based on placements
      • Now you know which placement does really well : Increase your bids on that!

Separate ads for desktop and mobile newsfeed:

    • In desktop ads, the headlines are the most important ones
    • In mobile newsfeed ads : The main ad text is the most important
    • So use separate ads to increase CTR and ad effectiveness!

Separate ads for desktop feed and right column ads 

    • Because right columñ ads have very less text visibility and it doesn’t make sense to use the same copy for both feed and right column ads

Ad rotation to prevent ad fatigue:

    • If frequency goes over 4 or 5 : CPA goes up
    • So create variations of the ads : 
      • Run different ads on different days

Use rules to auto optimize:

    • Here’s some examples :
      • turn off ad if frequency is over 5
      • Reduce bids if CPA goes over a limit

Exclude converted audience from ads:

    • You don’t have to show the same ads to your converted audience
    • So keep a converted audience list in custom audiences
    • Exclude them from ads

Facebook Ads Strategies

First hand:

  • Warm up and convert ( Keep experimenting)
  • Clicks and re-targetting /dynamic retargetting
  • Clicks + warm up (Lead gen) + retargetting
  • Giveaway ads + Compensation product!

Second hand: (Once you have proper custom audiences)

  • Conversion ads and lookalike audiences
Watch video for detailed understanding and explaination of concepts

Use influencer generated content for ads:

    • 70% of marketers do this
    • Getting an influencer to promote your brand and using their content for ads is a very effective strategy!
    • This works wonders in many aspects
      • More trust
      • More brand awareness
      • And people are more likely to engage with the ads if they see a familiar face in it!


    • Running our ads on influencers Ads Manager!
    • Basically the budget would be ours. The ads are about our products. We just run them in our influencers page!
    • It will also increase their reach tremendously!

Copywriting strategy:

    • Use emojis in adcopy:
      • Ads with emojis have 30-40% higher CTR
      • 20% lower CPC
      • Don’t force them into the copy but make sure you use them for your advantage!
    • Use social proof in adcopy:
    • Look how a testimonial is used in the adcopy!

1) Warm up your audience: Then convert

When people aren’t aware of your brand, we call them cold audiences and most brands waste a lot of money trying to convert cold audiences

When people know your brand or atleast engaged with your brand once, we call them : Warm Audiences!


  • Basically we are trying to convert our cold audience into our warm audience using these ads
    • Engagement ads or video view or even traffic ads :
      • This would select people who are more likely to engage with you
      • Once they engage
    • Traffic ads for blog article:
      • To establish yourself as an industry leader!

Stage 2: Further provide value 

  • Now make them like you by providing value for free. Target the people who engaged with you in stage one !
    • Make them your engaged blog readers.
    • Make them love your brand
  • Lead generation ads:
    • Now target people who engaged with you in the previous step ( Custom audiences)
    • Provide them value by solving their problem 
    • Get their contact details in exchange for that.

STAGE 3 : Now pitch your sales ads!

  • Target warm audience for better conversions:
    • In custom audiences : Target people who have engaged with your brand’s before hand
    • Maybe people who watched your videos
    • Maybe people who already liked commented and clicked on your ads.
    • Promote them good offers!

2) Give aways + Compensation retargetting

    • This is like warming up the audience as well
    • Basically you run giveaway ads targeting cold audiences
    • Once they engage with you, you retarget sales ads to them!
    • Increases brand awareness + Gets you leads

Here’s an idea: Vote to enter giveaway | Have a poll for which is the best offer

  • One person wins the giveaway
  • Rest of them gets their selected offer as Compensation
  • Use retargetting to prompt them!

Create separate exclusive offers for abandoned carts:

    • Use custom audiences to track people who abandons carts
    • Now : create a irresistible offer for them!

Messenger ads for feedbacks:

    • Messenger ads promotes ads with “Send message” as CTA
    • Implies you get to talk with the customers! Make your product better so they will have a better experience at all this!
    • You can especially use this to get feedbacks from abandoned cart users to better understand why the did it.

Second Hand) Conversion + Lookalike + Retargetting:

    • Here’s a fact : 41% of all sales comes from repeat orders!
    • So it’s important we track and keep retargetting our converted customers!
    • Once we have a list of people who converted : We can use lookalike audiences

Negative reviews can be used to promote a feature of the product 

    • I didn’t think this mountain would be this steep and adventurous. Camping was too tough and scary. A Experience of my lifetime! Too fun for people to handle!
    • I didn’t think this ice cream would be this sweet and kind of delicious. Too good for people to handle! 

Fast take off strategy:

    • Set budget greater than the planned budget
    • After 10K plus impressions, adjust the ads


    • Have you tried multiple product ads?
      • Gives them a choice
      • Increases CTR by 50-300%
      • Reduced CPC
      • Reduced CPA
    • Have you tried carousel ads?
      • They have 10x better CTR
      • Also the first image of the carousels determines everything!
    • Dynamic retargetting ads:
      • This has 87% higher conversion rates
      • 42% increase in CTR
      • 40% decrease in CPA
      • Dynamic ads are basically showing people the exact products that they browsed in our website
      • Use carousel to show multiple products from the same category that they browsed

Ad testing:

  • Every as group should have two- three different copies of the same ad.
    • Test is one of the very basic and very important practices of campaign running
    • Ad groups at tested with multiple copies : found 21% more CTR
    • Things to vary
      • CTA
      • As copy
      • Offer creative

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