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Nofap Relapse | How to handle Nofap Relapse?

When to comes to our nofap journey and our nofap relapse story, there will come a point where we would have asked ourselves this question:

At some point in our no fap journey ae often reach the stage where we would stop and wonder, ” Should I just relapse once? “

Even if we start loving our life after no fap, sexual needs are very core to us being humans. And so the temptations would rise even if we are well set with all the no fap rules (link)

So, should I relapse?

The answer depends on you completely! Your needs and priorities. The reason behind your no fap. 

Yes you can relapse if… 

If you have reached your goal, for instance, reduced the watch of porn and severely reduced the frequency of watching and fapping, you probably can relapse once. 

Remember relapse and slipups are not the same! 

No you probably shouldn't relapse if… 

But if you still don’t have your habit under control or if you are struggling to get past a couple of weeks, stick to no fap. It’s not time to quit. 

Experience the other life. Experience a life free of adult content, to know what it feels like to not be a slave to the sexual temptations and the online adult world. 

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Science of Nofap Relapse | Why do we Relapse?

We must all have a decent idea why we all relapse. 

  • Our desire for pleasure? 
  • Our need for a release of built up sexual energy? 
  • Overwhelming triggers that keeps you in a constant state of temptation out of which you want to break out of? 
  • To get a sense of living normally? . 

The science behind relapse is very simple :

“We human adults do have a sex drive and in this social world it’s normal to have a need for a sexual release from time to time”

When we say it like that, it might even seem like no fap relapse is inevitable. Right? 

Is it inevitable tho? Let’s find out. 


Should I Relapse Nofap Constant Relapse : I always relapse Nofap

Sometimes in our no fap journey we will reach a point where you are just not able to control our urges. We just keep relapsing every single week or every single day!

This does happen to a lot of people. We tried everything and we just cannot control it. Eh?

What do we do? We feel lost and frustrated. And some people even start having low self esteem because of their lack of self control and tolerance

Here are some no fap recovery hacks that would help in these hard scenarios:


Nofap Recovery Hacks


How to handle Nofap Relapse?

How do one handle a relapse? Make sure you make it a slip up rather than a relapse. 

There are so many ways to recover from a no fap slip-up


Now, if you had observed, a lot of us just stumbled upon no fap on social media and got excited because on a deeper level we had always wanted to quit this habit. Right?

But we often listen to “exciting” life changing benefits of this and jump right in. Yeah?

I want you to ask yourself once, Why do you want to Quit Fapping? On a deeper level, what was the fear? Or the desire? 

The change sounded desirable and maybe there was a specific desire that you can connect with on a deeper emotional level. Maybe there are some fears that made you quit in the first place.

Make the journey inside and you will find your answers. 

If you don’t have a strong emotional reason that would make you to commit to this, then go ahead and continue fapping because you do not have a valid reason to stop


Here’s where people go wrong. Slipups are not relapses.

Imagine how addicted you were when you started your no fap. Even if you relapsed after two days, your mindset is so much better than the one that was there two days ago. 

The fight doesn’t end until you choose and decide to abandon the recovery process. 

So, make up your mind and stop feeling guilty. Remember the reason

Realize you have already gone a few steps forwards. One step back doesn’t mean total reset


This could be very annoying for some people (Like me). Because every time before we relapse, I often ask myself mentally, “What do you have to say when you start feeling guilty? Give me a reason why you want to relapse?”

Sometimes the mental answers would be “ Because I want to. I want this release” or “Today was just a bad day and I need a break” or “I am just turned on too much at the moment”

Sometimes the answers just won’t come. So what’s the point of journaling?

Well, when we journal, we give life to our frustrated thoughts and reading these after a few attempts would make us realize how much we are struggling and we take this more seriously and commit to it with every bit of effort we could possible put into this


Sometimes, if you think about it, few relapses are actually required for us to get through the end of this tunnel.

Relapses and slip ins are part of the recovery process!

If you had gone from watching a few hours of porn each day to just a couple of times a week, your brain is already changing and your habit is slowly dying out.

Try to take the slower approach in case the complete quitting doesn’t work too well. 

Be careful not to give in to these triggers completely. Learn from each relapse and take steps to make sure you prevent that from happening again at all costs.


Fact’s about Nofap Relapse

  • Nofap slip ups and relapses are essential to the recovery process. 
  • Nofap flatlines are periods when we lose our sexual libido completely for a period of time. 
  • The longer the addiction, the longer the flatline exists. 
  • People often binge relapse to get back into the old lifestyle! 


Nofap FAQ

Is precum a relapse no fap? 

Depends. If you had watched porn and stimulated yourself then that itself is a no fap relapse

No fap relapse can’t sleep

This does happen if the temptations are too high. The best way to get through it is to drain your mental and physical energy by working out

No fap relapse when drunk, high, weed, when tired

  • The chances of relapses are higher when we are are on any subtances or when we feel low
  • It’s very hard to have a strong mindset when you are under the influence. 


How to never relapse again?


The first time I successfully pulled off not fapping for a long time was when I was living in a dorm and the only time I am actually alone is when I am taking a bath or using the restroom.

When I had such an atmosphere, even if we get triggered a lot from various sources, we only have to stay in control when we are alone. 

And once that time has passed, we can’t fap even if the triggers are too much. 

Make sense? 

I strongly recommend this point because I remember I relapsed later when I was absolutely alone for a while and couldn’t control my temptations. 


If you go to Pinterest you’ll find a lot of 30 day challenges which first gave me the idea to schedule things for my free time or the most probable time that I fap

There are other exciting things in life that if we don’t pay attention to, we would never experience. 

Now the list of things would be very different for different people. But I thought I would share my personal list that I used to keep myself busy and engaged and experiencing something that I have always wanted to experience

  • One hour of meditation
  • Shoot a timelapse of the sunrise
  • Cooking dinner for my family
  • Read a book for four hours straight
  • Give someone a happy surprise
    • Surprise them by making a perfect garden in the terrace
    • Give your friend a surprise treat
  • Record yourself doing a YouTube challenge
  • Talk with an old friend


This so far is the best method to help reduce the triggers. 

Some of us might have a fixed durations during the days where we get to be alone or feel lonely which eventually ends us in fapping. 

But if we figure out a way to fill this time up with a different thing that we actually like to do, the take the focus off the triggers and place it into something else until our energy drains and we sleep. 

For instance, a lot of people fap just before going to sleep or just after they wake up. In these instances, we could consciously try and do something productive and preferably social so we won’t relapse


This is universal in all addictions :

“People often aren’t completely honest with themselves especially when it comes to their addiction”

We often tell ourselves just before we relapse that ” It’s going to be okay. It’s just fapping everyone does it”

The stories we tell to ourselves often dictates our behaviors and we become amazing story writers when it comes to our addictive habits. Right? 

There’s always an excuse. The truth is, it’s out of our control in most cases! 

You need to realize that “YOU” tell these stories to yourself and hence you can control what u tell yourself. We can use this to our advantage when we are trying to quit no fap

Fixate and visualize doing a task

Try to visualize yourself working on something or doing something else interesting during the time when you are most probable to get your triggers and temptations

Ask yourself Identity breaking questions:

There are some common patterns that are seen among people who find their self struck in addictive behaviors:

If you can actually relate with these then you might have to make some severe changes in lifestyle and get therapy. 

Again be brutally honest with yourself. It’s your life. Only you can fix it. 


  • Do you have a sense that something is missing in life? 
  • Do you feel like you are not good enough? 

These questions mess with the identity of yourself as a person and when confronted with such deep questions I often get guilty and get the mindset to stop the addictive behavior.


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