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NOFAP RULES | What are NoFap rules?

No Fap Rules: The idea of no fap is very interesting because it is very challenging and is a fun way to quit an addictive practice. 

If you are born in the last 30-40 years, the chances are you are exposed to all kinds of porn and adult content throughout your life. 

If we see all those gorgeous people online, it would be abnormal for us to not get triggered to pleasure ourselves right? 

Fapping is very normal and the majority of people do it and most of us have done it at least once in our lifetime. 

But some of us get hooked on it. Porn addiction is more normal than we think and a lot of people are embarrassed to admit their true frequency of fapping. 

But some of us take it to another extreme level where the person had been at this practice continuously for over 8-30 years. 

Now that might or might not have a direct impact on your reproductive health but it definitely affects our mental health and our relationships because of the way porn might potentially disturb our minds



There are a lot of apparent “research proven” problems that are faced by people with serious fapping and porn addiction and these are used as reasons by alot of people to try and stop fapping

  • Less motivation to do things
  • Bad in relationships
  • Hard to score dates and attract people (Absolutely not true) 
  • Reproductive problems
  • Too much social anxiety
  • Less energy to do important things
  • Less testosterone to build body

If these are pushing you to not fap, I just wanted to let you know that these are more true. 

If someone has social anxiety or issues with connecting with people and dating or have issues with finding time to be productive and work on their dreams, don’t blame it on fapping or porn. It’s nonsense. 

I have been and am still in the journey of quitting porn completely and I have been seriously addicted before and yet I never had problems with any of this. Never. 

So if you are having such a problem it might have to do with your other fears and potential traumas and beliefs you have as a person. 

These will not magically disappear after you stop fapping


Let’s not talk about the potential benefits, let’s focus on what would happen if we are addicted to fapping and porn for too long? 

  • Potential social anxiety (Not always)
  • Over prioritizing sex in our lives
  • Disturbing sexual desires with overexposure to porn
    • This might affect your relationships
  • Looking at people as objects rather than humans to connect with
    • The depth and the meaning in the relationship would be missing!
  • Potential problems in dating (not always)
  • Too much dependence on sex and porn

Fear of bad things happening is bigger than the desire for better things

There could be other bad symptoms based on the kind of person you are. Being attached and addicted to any habit will have a toll on our mental and emotional well being.

One of the greatest things that we need to fear is the kind of person that these habits turns us into

So, imagine no fap journey as a way to redefine yourself and as a journey of self discovery. You can have multiple reasons but make sure this is one of the main reasons!


The next important rule in NoFap is to remove all the potential triggers.

If anything has turned you on before in your life, remove that completely.Here are some very common triggers that I can think of:

  • Unfollow Instagram Models
  • Uninsall any app that has exotic content
  • Delete any hidden photos or videos that you might have downloaded
  • Try to block all porn sites
  • Try not to be alone 

Your pattern or your triggers might be completely different when compared to others. So, sit down and make a huge list of potential triggers and remove them from your life.

If you are scrolling through something that gets you turned on when you are trying so hard to keep your sexual urges down, it would really mess with our minds and might even be the reason for our relapse.


If you had noticed, even though all these triggers might seem external, the reason for most of us relapsing or our fapping behavior is our brain : our mindset. 

Addictions are strongly deep rooted in our brains since these habits and behavior patterns are repeated over and over for a very long time. 

The hardest thing about no fap is the changing mindsets

The whole battle would happen in our brains and if we are equipped with the right mindset, we have already won

Managing Triggers:

First three days of help:

For people who have had a long history of relapse or less self control, it’s better to get help from someone so that you wouldn’t be alone or make sure you wouldn’t be alone or ideal. 

Even if you have great self control, the sudden shift to non fap lifestyle can get us down sometimes and put in a really bad state of mind from which it is very hard to get outta and we would end up relapsing.

So, Mindsets do work but for the first few days the triggers might be overwhelming for some especially if you are home alone or in a situation in which you are used to fapping

Use emotions : Fear, Guilty and  Sense of achievement 

People often try to use logic to beat addictions. While it’s not wrong but the logic needs to be backed strongly with emotions


“Fear of pain is so much more stronger than the desire for pleasure”

Even before you heard about no fap, there would have been so many instances where you would have felt guilty or ashamed or even felt emotional disgust and other unpleasant emotions because of your porn and fapping habit. 

Remember the pain. Fear that you would get that pain again. Fear that you would never stop fapping. Use fear in anyways possible 

Remember these moments. Tell these stories to yourself in your mind. Oftentimes these stories have the power to dictate our behavior. 

Sense of achievement:

Have you ever successfully pulled off a no fap streak or even after a long week of exam or a stressful project review, we often get that sense of achievement. We feel good about ourselves.

The fulfilment we get from that sense of growth is so much better than the temporary releases

Read this sentence again. Remember this. Use this!

Directing emotions to our advantage is an invaluable skill and you’ll get alot of things done your way once u manage to learn this

Watch success stories often:

Success stories are the building blocks of this entire no fap movement. And it is very essential to make sure we listen to these success stories quite often especially during the firat week of no fap where the triggers can be extremely high

Remember the reason:

Like mentioned earlier in rule 1 : knowing the right reason itself is half the work done. Alot of us do this for the wrong reasons. 

Did you know that the people who did no fap for fun open reported over fapping after the challenge which is so much more harmful to our body.

Do it for the right reasons. Else you will relapse. To know your reason, you go back to rule one and figure your reason out

Remind yourself of NO FAP benefits:

This is where most of us start our journeys. A Lot of people lie about the life changing benefits they supposedly had that magically changed their lives for good.

Maybe it did for some people. Good for them. But if you do not have your own core reasons for this, these benefits will not be good enough for you to last long.

But there are actually some benefits to NO FAP which we can sometimes use as additional reasons to control our temptations. 

  • Lower levels of stress and anxiety
  • Improved attitude and appreciation today’s the opposite sex
  • Increase in testostrone : 46% observed in just a  few days
  • Increased mental stamina
  • Better memory
  • More chances if having kids

I am sure there are so many other dramatic self claimed benefits by youtubers. It’s up to the public to decide on that aspect

Once the three no fap rules are met, there are more chances of you getting through the first week:

  • Finding the right reason that aligns with your personal values
  • Removing all triggers
  • Mindset


There is another detailed article about No fap relapse in case you fail the no fap in the first few days. 

In order to prevent No Fap relapse, follow the next rule of NO fap:


If you had noticed, it’s easier to tackle the no fap trigger if we have proper routines. Routines get embedded in the brain over a few days and then it’s so much easier to tackle the triggers. 

So develop a morning, afternoon, evening and night routine. 

The routines needs to be stronger during the times that you are more likely to fap and get triggered:

Morning routines:

Based on the kind of person you are and your living environment you can come up with your own unique routines! 

But here’s mine:

  • Wake up and spend a few minutes in bed relaxing 
  • Gratitude meditation : Take time to be grateful for everything you have to start your day off in a positive vibe
  • Workout for at least half hour
  • Make breakfast
  • Eat and Bathe
  • Start working on my website and my full time job

Similarly come up with a good afternoon, evening and night routine. 

If you are a person who hates routines, just  take this up as a challenge for one or two weeks. 



Now that you are successful for a few weeks to a month, you have pretty much conquered your porn addiction and fapping. 

You have won the battle and the castle is all yours. But remember to keep the doors closed. Triggers would come knocking from time to time.

 But if you waver your focus and let those thoughts in, remember the emotional aspect of your no fap. 

Remember the struggle you went through. Don’t even let it slip once. Then the battle might take another turn. 

Hope this helped! 

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Written by Sai Subramaniam

Sai has over 4 years experience writing about mental health and productivity. He shares his thoughts about love, life and business in this blog. His goal is to help people become the best version of themselves and is guided by experts in the psychology and mental health field to help educate everyone about lifestyle and productivity

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