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Relationship Building Activities | Things that help you grow together

Relationships that we have with the people we love are one of the most beautiful aspects of life. 

At the end of the day, no matter how rich or poor we are, life won’t be worth remembering without good people who have our backs, people we can trust and love with no strings attached. 

Makes sense right? 

It’s not just about feeling good, it’s actually a necessity. Without good relationships, we get mentally and emotionally sick which eventually affects your quality of life. 

So we are all aware of the significance of relationships since childhood where our parents and siblings was our entire world and then it became our kindergarden friends up until high school friends. 

The moment money, jobs, and responsibilities came into picture, life became about something else. It became Materialistic.

Think about it, for at least the first 18 years of our lives, the main source of happiness we had was coming from good relationships we had with friends, parents, relatives, teachers and strangers! 

Usual problems faced:

But here’s a fact that we need to face:

” Sometimes, or most times humans aren’t reliable. They can be manipulative and human feelings can change with time”

We are all aware that people are capable of backstabbing and betrayal and we must have experienced it at least once in life. 

Once we become a victim to this, it can be very hard to trust people enough to form proper bonds with them. This is common in romantic relationships and is now seen in every type of relationship. 

Building this wall around us and not actually letting people in and keeping them all at a distance will make us lonely and sad. 

No matter what kind of betrayal you might have seen in your past, it is important that we don’t let fear of history repeat again to keep us away from the good things in life. 

Why are relationships very important? 

Long Life:

Researchers have proven that people who have good positive relationships that are trustworthy and beautiful live longer than people who don’t have such relationships

The very fact that we can live longer states how much it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally

Feeling less pain:

Have you ever experienced this? When you are in some physical or mental pain (headaches, feeling heavy, sad/ mood upset), just a few minutes with someone that you truly love can make you forget about the pain itself! 

While all this doesn’t sound very scientific, there is a perfectly logical reason behind all these. It is said that when we are a part of a community, with that sense of belonging and love we have towards our partner/ friends, talking to them or just being with them releases hormones that help relieve pain! 

Other health benefits like :

Good healthy relationships can help improve our immune system, keep a low blood pressure,and have good heart health! 

It is all related to how we react mentally and how calm we are emotionally when we are with our partner or our close friends! 

Now that we know the importance of relationships and the most common problems people face in building relationships let’s jump into relationship building activities. 


Understand each other’s love languages:

If you ever imagine building a long lasting relationship with your partner, it’s very important to know their love language

What is a love language? 

It is the way a person expresses their love. 

We expect the love we give. 

Does it make sense? 

Just go and ask your partner, what makes them feel loved in your relationship. The little things that you say or do that makes them feel loved. 

Do that more often : speak their love language to make sure they understand and feel exactly what you are expressing. 

Be a part of their friends gang : Be her best friend:

The best thing about the relationship I am in right now is we are not just lovers. Be their best friend sometimes! It makes things so much easier and you get to understand each other in a whole deeper dimension! 

Just do things with your partner that you would do with your friends. Hang out, play games, go on a hike, gossip, watch a match together! 

More than anything, be a part of your partner’s friends gang. Sometimes go out with them and make good memories! Don’t be too intrusive tho. 

Express gratitude:

Gratitude is such a powerful tool and we should use it in every aspect of our lives. 

Being grateful means to appreciate everything we have in life right now. 

” Things could always be worse. So no matter where you are in life, look around and start noticing the good things you have. Be grateful. Express that gratitude”

Say thank you for everything your partner has brought to your life. Thank them for the love, their presence. Acknowledge the little things they do that puts a smile in your face. Thank them for the good and the bad times that made you grow and thank them for being a huge and beautiful part of this one journey we have called life. 

Express gratitude from time to time. 

Have a love night once a week at least! 

By love night I don’t just mean making love. 

Love night should include all of these

  • Makeouts : Makeouts are a great stress buster and keeps the spark going with your partner
  • Doing something just because it would make your partner happy! Surprises work wonders. 
  • Communicate : Expressing one’s thoughts and feelings about anything and everything while being cuddled up can be intimate too! 

Unplug and connect with your partner:

Ever since I was a kid, the idea of star gazing dates and road trip dates fascinated me. 

I have always wanted to do it and when I got a chance to experience that with a person I truly loved, it really rocked my world. 

It’s one thing to Netflix and chill or have work dates. But when we think about the most favorite and memorable moments of our lives, it doesn’t often involve the digital world, does it? 

Disconnect the internet and just spend time with your partner. Even the slightest distraction often takes us away from the conversation. 

Go for a walk, read a book, play a outdoor sport, cook together, spend the whole night talking and sharing memories and moments from your past, let loose and do something spontaneous! 

Share these real moments with your partner to make your relationship grow stronger and more healthier! 

Bathing together: Being Vulnerable:

What is more intimate than being in a shower or bathing tub with your partner. 

Being sexual in bed room is one thing, but the little things like this can mean a lot to your partner and help you build a stronger bond. 

Also this is an easy thing that you could do with your partner often even if you have a busy schedule. Even if you are stressed or worried or frustrated about your day, this could be a healthy activity for your own mental health as well and your partners! 

This could even be an emotional outlet for people who don’t really want to talk about the work stress or the dreams and aspirations. 

Being Vulnerable is an extremely important part of a relationship


Work out together:

Working out together is not just something that couple could do for a cool Instagram reel! 

Working out with your partner is exciting for so many reasons! It can sometime get lustful and working each other’s bodies, the pump and everything could even get us the perfect photo! 

But did you know that the endorphins released during the workout will make you feel closer and connected with your partner! 

Reading or Working Together:

It’s been proven that when couple share thoughts, ideas and fantasies with each other they grow closer in a deeper level! 

This could happen by reading a book together or working on something together to understand each other in a different level! 

Share Household Chores/ Makeover your house:

When we have a partner that we really love and adore, we will start building a life with them right? 

Why not build a house together? Or makeover the house that you guys live in. 

Here’s a fact : Couple who share household chores have happier sex lives! 

Trying extreme sports together:

Research states that going through such an experience together can be more exciting and create a kind of bond that most couples don’t have. 

For instance sky diving can be very scary and we go through a range of emotions and expressions when we are doing it. When we are holding our partner tight and talk to each other and help each other go through the process and enjoy it, your relationship gets stronger and you get closer to your partner! 


Written by Sai Subramaniam

Sai has over 4 years experience writing about mental health and productivity. He shares his thoughts about love, life and business in this blog. His goal is to help people become the best version of themselves and is guided by experts in the psychology and mental health field to help educate everyone about lifestyle and productivity

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