Cold email marketing

Email copywriting and Persuasion :

Email copywriting :

Types of emails :

  • Cold emails 
  • Inbound emails : To your subscriber list



  • Understanding cold email mindset:
    • If we have the audience right, the people we reach out to, will be actively looking for what we have to offer.
    • They might be procrastinating and focusing on more urgent matters!
    • Our goal : Get the offer in front of them and make them realize ” I need that!”
  • Goal : Start a conversation! 
    • Catch their attention and get a small group to respond!

Mindsets to break :

  • We are never too good at cold emails!
  • Our product is never too great for meetings!

Three components of an effective email : 

1)Understanding of the target audience

  • Who are you writing to
  • What do they really care about?
  • What do you want them to do after they read the email?

Prospecting : 

  • Choosing the right audience is way more important than the messaging!
  • Not all leads are created equal!

2) Grab attention with your Headline!

  • For CTR (Open rates)

Tips :

  • Research shows going between 6-10 words is best. Can even go lower than this but never higher!

Curiosity based headlines : (For outbound) :

  • Curiosity based subject lines can produce high open rates but make sure the content of the emails are equally good!
  • Examples : 
  • Quick question
  • Why?
  • Don’t open this email
  • A snowball in hell has a better chance than me…
  • Need a fat guy?
  • Ding! You just made a sale.
  • Reference a brand or person
    • [Their competitor] just made $1M off this.
    • [Someone they know] told me to message you.
    • [Influential person] thinks you’ll like this
  • Reference their work :
    • Follow up on your blog/video/podcast
    • Question about [headline/topic of recent content]
    • You mentioned something interesting in your last post

Questions as subject lines : 

  • Understand your audience and ask them a question they are asking themselves!
    • Is there a way to improve your {website}? Really?
    • How can you serve your audience better {website} ?
    • Is your business feeling stagnant?

Make a promise : (Esp for inbound marketing) 

  • Examples : 
  • Learn how to write a wildly effective value proposition in 5 simple steps
  • These are the resources that helped me cross $100k for the first time
  • Weird and interesting findings from my first big blog launch
  • Stat : Clear promise vs creative headline : 
  • Clear, simple promises work 541% better than creative headlines!

Use Gimmicks : 

  • Gimmicks such as these helps grab attention
    • Symbols
    • Emojis
    • ALL CAPS

Split test your subject lines : 

  • We need to recognize that we are still guessing their needs and goals even with proper audience research
  • So experiment! Split test your subject lines!

Specific Tips :

Desired outcome Subject Line :

  • Helping your team accomplish [desired Outcome]
    • Looking to integrate where to watch data in your site?
    • Add where to watch data in your site?
    • Add value to your audience with “where to watch” data
    • Fill your Webinar Funnel with youtube ads
    • Looking to increase your sales team’s closing ratio?
    • Turn your raving fans into brand ambassadors

Pain Subject Line :

  • Having trouble [specific problem]
    • Tired of managing prospects on excel sheets?
    • Expat taxes are confusing.. Need help?
    • Need a better way to manage brand ambassadors?

Referencing Something Specific : 

  • It’s very relevant for the person or the company AT THE MOMENT
  • Congrats on reaching 1M monthly views!
  • Congrats on making the Inc. 100 list
  • Enjoyed your interview on [Podcast Name]

Short Subject Line : 

  • [Prospects Name], hoping to help you out
  • Quick Question
    • First line : Do you wish to add where to watch data to your email?
  • Appropriate Person
    • Am I reaching out to the right person in the marketing team?
  • [Their Company Name] <> [Your Company Name]
  • Hey

3) Focused body with specific goal

Tips :

Every part of the email resonates with the “who” and is convincing them about the “what you want them to do”

  • Pivot off the subject line
  • Provide the context
  • Make the offer 

Keep it short (Outbound!)

  • Write the way you’d talk : Keep it short and direct!
  • Read the mail out loud to see if it sounds natural

Be appreciative and vulnerable : 

  • Being appreciative doubles the response rates
  • Because we are asking strangers for favors so its important to be appreciative!
    • “Thank you so much for your time! I am really grateful”

Use grammar check 

  • No one will take you seriously if your English is off

Show your credibility and your authority :

  • We are the strangers in the conversation : We need to show them that we are credible!
    • Have any mutual friends?
    • Else mention the authority,credibility or social status that’s relevant to them : Mention them! Show that you are important 
    • Any other commonality/ Similarities that’s relevant ?  

The pain formula :

  • Relevant Intro : A bit of personalization : 
  • Understand who this person is and his desires, pains and needs
    • What interests them
    • How they see the world
  • Just checked your website and it’s extremely insightful in helping us find the shows we desire! 
  • Pain
    • What pain does he have?
    • People will go much farther to avoid pain than to acquire pleasure
    • So, do your research on social, Linkedin and other places to understand their pains and issues!
      • After your audience finds the show they desire, it takes a lot of time for them to search “where to watch” that show! Did you ever want to include this information in your site to add more value to your audience?
  • Solution + Social Proof + Guarantee (if possible)
    • Now if you are interested, my company Just watch helps
    • All you have to do is install our API and you instantly add a great feature in your website making this extremely simple for you
      • I guarantee you, your audience would love it and will talk about it alot! If not, you can also take off our API! It’s cost’s you nothing at all.
    • Some of our partners include : A and B
  • Call to action :
    • So if you are interested in learning more about the API, let me know what your calendar looks like. We’ll set up a call.

Use power words :

  • Power words tend to invoke more emotions : will come in handy! 

Avoid Spam trigger words :

Tell a story : 

  • Stories outperforms every other type of content in email marketing! 
  • Compelling and engaging storytelling is a very important part of B2B marketing success 
  • Influence the emotions of your reader and align those emotions with what you want them to feel : As you convey your point


  • Have a space of 3-7 days between each follow-ups
  • Go upto 4 follow-ups 

We are essentially just reminding them about the offer which is targeted towards their needs.

Follow Up 1 Template :

Hey {XXX}

I wanted to follow up to see if it still makes sense to talk about how we can help you with {adding where to watch data on your webpages} using the { Just Watch’s “Where to watch” API }

I really think it would be a game changer for your website and your customers!

So if you are interested, let’s schedule a time to talk 

Have a great day!



Follow Up 2 Template : 

Hey (XXX)

Hope you are doing well

Now, I am checking in with you to see if you are interested in (adding where to watch data in your web pages) with (our Justwatch’s “where to watch API”

If you think this would add more value to your customers and would make your website better, let us know what your calendar looks like





    • They have an extension as well!
    • Type in the company name
    • Type the website
    • Use filters and find the emails : The emails are verified as well!
    • For 150 email credits : it’s free!

The Mindset : Persuasion and Influence :

  • Information overload for consumers
    •  So they take shortcuts to make decisions
    • These are the weapons of influence

Universal principles of Persuasion : 

Reciprocity :

  • Human tendency to repay in kind what another person has provided to him or her
  • Give free value!
    • Maybe give them a free AUDIT/ free trial/pdf file/e-book and so on.

Commitment and consistency :

  • Human tendency to be consistent : to what they have said, done or promised
  • Can you create a commitment with your target audience? 
  • Then apply the consistency principle
    • Signing up for a webinar maybe?

Social Proof :

  • Human tendency to follow the actions of other people!
  • Testimonials and reviews!
  • Celebrity endorsements! Or influencer marketing
  • Real time stats and notifications
    • Proven WordPress Plugin to how many have bought your products!

Authority :

  • Tendency to comply with authority!
  • Try to use symbols of authority :
    • Titles : Things you have earned! Industry expert? Huge online presence?
    • Trappings : Expensive cars, bags, clothing 
  • For marketing :
    • Search ranking , DA : Good online presence!
    • Titles and certificates if any!
    • Followers! Again online presence

Scarcity :

  • Tendency to love scarce things : Love anything that could be lost potentially!
  • In marketing :
    • Limited number tactic!
    • Deadline Tactic!

Liking :

  • Innate tendency to agree with someone we like
  • What makes us like other people?
    • Physical attractiveness
    • Similarity
    • Compliments
    • Contact and Cooperation
  • For business :
    • Look your best
    • Know your audience and highlight similarities
    •  Compliment your clients and leads
    • Create familiarity : Meet and contact them as much as possible 



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