Berlin SightSeeing | Places to Visit

Berlin’s Neighborhoods:

  • Pankow (North) 
  • Reinickendorf
  • Spandau (west) 
  • Lichtenberg
  • Marzahn-Hellersdorf
  • Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
  • Mitte
  • Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  • Steglitz-Zehlendorf
  • Tempelhof Schoneberg (South) 
  • Neukolln
  • Treptow Kopenick

Every neighborhood in Berlin looks different and some even say that Berlin is like a combination of multiple sub cities! That’s the amount of diversity one can find in Berlin from architecture to people to nature!

A bit of history behind Berlin’s neighborhoods :

  • After World War 2, Germany was separated into two
    • Democratic West Germany
    • Socialist East Germany (DDR) 

People from east Germany were not allowed to leave the country and in order to prevent the people of East Berlin from crossing over to West Berlin, the Berlin Wall was built : 

  • The Berlin Wall stretches 160 Kms in the city! 
  • But most of the Wall is torn down but you can see the Berlin Wall! 

East Berlin had a lot of working class people but later attracted a lot of young people which makes it unique with a lot of restaurants, culture and new buildings coming up everywhere! 

But the rental prices have gone up over the years in East Berlin! 

Whereas in West Berlin, very few changes have happened over the years. Typically you can find middle to upper middle class germans still living in there which gives you a good chance of meeting “Real Berliners”

Pankow : 

Prenzlauer Berg :

  • Is popular and known for their organic markets and has the highest density of organic markets! 
  • This neighborhood is more laid back than rest of the Berlin 
  • But I can still find tons of restaurants
  • Visit MauerPark : Street artists go and perform. 

The Berlin Wall Trail : Berlin MauerWeg

MauerWeg Berlin

Gmap : 

  • The berlin Wall Trail is an iconic 164 km trail that goes along the once constructed Berlin Wall
  • This trail is further broken down into 14 other trails to make it easier for us to plan 
  • So this goes without saying but this is not a one day tour atall ! Plan to walk/jog or ride the trail
  • This trail has nature filled parts as well as history rich parts!
  • The locals advice is to ride through the berlin mauerweg in order to get a full experience of the place. 
  • Personally, I love the nature and the different landscapes that we would go through all the while wondering about the rich history behind the place

Bürgerpark Pankow : 

Gmap :

  • Wish to walk through an incredible park with amazing views?
  • Get your daily dose of cardio here
  • In addition to being a beautiful park with a rose garden, it has a Bier Garden too!
  • Love birds and wildlife? We get to sit by the river and watch ducks, birds and goats! Yes! There’s a pet zoo inside as well!
  • Best time to visit is the spring when the flowers are blooming.
  • There’s a cafe in the middle which comes in handy if you have the thirst!
  • If you are in Pankow, Bürgerpark is a must visit to relax and chill! Visit the playground and walk through the meadows and let your worries sink!

Botanische Volkspark Pankow:

  • Wish to walk through a beautiful landscape filled with endangered plants with gorgeous flowers, and to watch goats and sheeps? This is the perfect place for you!
  • The cakes served here are said to be delicious 🤤!
  • Better for families to visit with their children! Do bring some carrots for the sheeps and the deer
  • It does have a 1 Euro entry fee tho!
  • But it’s a beautiful landscape with meadows, fields, forest, lake and a small stream!
  • Not a lot of walking paths here tho!
  • There are two small greenhouses here as well

Barnim Nature Park

  • This nature park has a variety of landscapes with hiking trails all around
  • Do take bug sprays since there be alot of bugs in some seasons.
  • Best for landscape wandering. Theres small inviting villages along the path with local cafes to enjoy some local German food!
  • You can also find some historical houses of former dictators in germany here
  • This place is just a stone throw away from Pankow and is well accessible by some Bus routes!
  • There’s a beautiful little lake there and make sure you watch out for insects and leaches there in summer.

Reinickendorf : 

Tegeler Fliess :

Gmap :

  • Wish to walk or ride along a river? This 7kms of paradise is the place to be
  • The tracks are very well maintained and one can spot water buffalos and other wildlife in the area as well
  • This place is a hidden gem because it has not been too much in the tourist radar
  • An interesting tip from the local was to visit this place in winter as the views gets better!
  • The place lies between Mühlenbeck (Brandenburg) to Tegel

Schloss Tegel

  • This is a park with an historical house/castle in it where the great von Humboldt Family lived!
  • It is a beautiful place with HUGE GARDENS AND TREES
  • The castle and the burial site was closed for awhile because of some incident with fire and it’s not accessible to the public but one can still visit the park and take magnificent pictures of the castle and the views!

Strandbad Tegeler See:

Entrance Fee : 3 Euro for adults, Free for children below 16

  • This is a beautiful lake that’s in Tegeler Fliess where one can swim, play volleyball, relax and eat snacks in the cafe nearby
  • There’s a very clean beach there where we can even get swimming lessons from the lifeguards
  • The place is also known for its affordability with prices of food ranging between 1-5 Euros. Example :  French fries € 2, falafel wrap € 2, falafel plate € 5 and Tegernsee half € 2.50 and a scoop of ice cream € 1.

Museum der Berliner Feuerwehr: 

GMap : 

  • Do you have kids? Here’s a place where your little one would have so much fun! 
  • This is a museum for people who are interested in fire brigade
  • There’s a lot to see and try there. Like we could take aptitude tests and play simulations!


Spandauer Forst

Gmap : 

  • One of the top recommended places in Berlin for nature lovers!
  • The parking and entrance is free here
  • One can see a lot of wild boars and other wild animals here
  • With a total area of 1347 hectares, this is one of the largest forest areas in Berlin!
  • This place was used as hunting grounds and for collecting firewood for centuries by the citizens of spandau for centuries
  • There’s a beautiful swimming lake at the end of it too!
  • The landscapes varies from riverbanks to woods to the marches!


Gmap : 

  • This is a lovely scenic area in spandau with picturesque waterways and lakes where we can rent out canoes and kayaks to explore the lovely neighborhood.
  • It is recommended to visit this place in summer to just sunbathe or participate in the watersports!
  • This is the Venice of Berlin where one can go to just destress and relax completely in nature!
  • It’s also said that it’s a great place for an romantic date!
  • Here’s the canoe route here : Go north towards Haupt Garden then proceed to Klein Venedig. From here you can either go north to Tegeler See or head south to Wannsee.

Fort Hahneberg

Gmap : 

Costs around 7.5 Euros per person

  • This is a really good fort to visit for those interested in architecture and history!
  • Do book a tour in advance before arriving. That’s the only way to explore the place.
  • This fort was built in 1880 and it was used for storing medical archives and creating gliders.
  • Now it acts as a roosting site for bats. They hibernate here in the summers.
  • This fort is also featured in the film “Inglorious basterds”
  • Also just like many other sites in Germany, this place is surrounded by beautiful scenic nature! 

Spandau Citadel

Gmap : 

Entrance fee is 4.5 Euros per person

  • Up for a cultural experience? You can see everything from medieval weaponry, statue exhibitions, towers and so much more!
  • The view from several spots in the citadel is really beautiful too!
  • This is an island fortress which was built between 1559-1594 to protect the town of spandau 
  • This citadel is also home to thousands of bats so don’t be surprised if you come across these little guys!
  • The citadel is free if you visit on Sundays but has a small entrance fee on other days

Military History Museum

Gmap : 

This museum is free for you to visit!

  • If you are into aeroplanes and history, this is THE PLACE for you!
  • This is an open air museum filled with vintage German aircrafts!
  • The number of equipment available there is simply mind-blowing with detailed information about each of them
  • It might take around 1-4 hours for someone to explore this place completely!


  • World’s longest Beer Garden : 
    • There’s an internationale Berliner Beer Festival that runs along Frankfurter Tor and Strausberg Plate in  the showcase street Karl-Marx-Alle

Tier Park Berlin :

GMap : 

  • It is a park and a zoo with a variety of animals residing there!
  • This is a really good place for children, families and animal enthusiasts. There’s a lot of walking areas too to get in your daily dose of cardio! 
  • One can watch polar bears swim, giraffes,tigers, monkeys and so much more!
  • There are some negative reviews as well about the zoo about the fact that the management is poor and recently many of these enclosures are empty!
  • There’s playgrounds, water games and many cafes inside the zoo for fun as well!


4 – 15€7.50
Family (Big)€38.00
Family (small)€24.00

Dong Xuan Center :

Gmap : 

  • Are you Asian or a fan of the Asian culture? Here’s a shopping center that will blow your mind!
  • Dong Xuan Center has everything imaginable that’s related to Asian culture!
  • From Asian spices to cruisines to meat to groceries, everything is available here!
  • There’s also saloons, clothing stores and electronic stores in most Halls
  • Come here if you want cheap products and a taste of the Asian culture.

Landschaftspark Herzberge :

Gmap : 

  • An agricultural park with over 100 hectares of land providing protected lands for sheeps, lambs and various other small creatures that reside in the vicinity
  • If you are looking for a place to walk or relax with nature, this is a perfect place for you!
  • There’s nothing much to see other than sheeps grazing peacefully. So bringing children along might not be a very great idea unless they enjoy walking!
  • One can also buy bio vegetables here fresh from the bio farms!

Stasi Museum :

Gmap : 

  • Big fan of German history? This is the best place for you to be in order to get in depth information about how everything worked back then
  • Get yourself an audio guide for 2 Euros in order to properly explore the place!
  • It takes about one to one and half hours to completely listen to everything and to explore the museum 
  • You can understand everything about how the state security department of berlin functioned before the reunification!

Prices :

Reduced (university students, trainees, senior citizens, unemployed, disabled):6,00€
Pupils (12 years of age and older):4,00€

Lemke Haus : Museum :

Gmap :

  • One might be wondering, how did a house become a museum? With history!
  • Visit the last house designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe before he was forced by the Soviet army to leave the country post which was used as a garage, a laundry place and so much more after which Germany declared it a public treasure!
  • Visit the place if you are a fan of modern minimalist architecture 
  • “Short but very serene” is the way the place is described by numerous people. 
  • Take a look at the art exhibition and go for a walk around the lake in the garden 🙂

Marzahn-Hellersdorf :

Wuhletal Wanderweg Hiking Trail :

Gmap :  

  • One cannot expect this hiking trail going through deep forests and mountains but this is such a beautiful strip of green where one can walk jog and cycle and have a pleasurable day out with their family and friends!
  • One can call this place “Pure Relaxation” and is just under 15 kms!
  • There’s a small lake present here with ducks and if you are quiet enough, you get to see deer and other animals as well!
  • It can be a little crowded during the weekends so be careful!

Gärten der Welt :

Gmap :

  • This is THE BEST GARDEN in berlin themed with asian, Christian and renaissance gardens
  • Visit this fabulous park in the Spring! And one can easily spend the entire day here!
  • This park is very extensive with activities for people of all ages! This includes a cable car as well!
  • There are some art installations as well. Overall the place is A MUST VISIT in Berlin

Prices :

Day ticket Gärten der Welt

Adult: €7.00
Children up to and including 5 years: free
Children and adolescents from 6 years *: €3.00
Reduced**: €3.00
After-work ticket Mon. to Fri. from 5 pm: €4.50

Groups, price per person, from 15 persons: €6.00
School groups: €15.00

Kienberg Park:

Gmap :

Price : Same as Garden der Welt (This is inside garden der Welt)

  • Keinberg park is the park that’s adjacent to the garten der Welt.
  • There are many architectural landmarks and look out points in this park that makes it attractive to the visitors
  • Beautiful park to stroll, ride and explore with your family and friends!

Biesdorf Palace :

Gmap :

  • This is a castle that’s been renovated recently in 2016 and offers its visitors exhibitions in rural and urban landscapes!
  • Learn the history of the place in its exhibitions while having a delicious apple pie from one of the cafes!
  • This is a country house that was built in 1868 surrounded by a beautiful park where one can walk, do yoga, just relax and chill while taking magnificent photos of the palace!
  • There’s also good beer available if you are interested 🙂

Kaulsdorfer Seen :

Gmap :

  • Kauladorfer Seen is a protected area in Berlin spanning over 95 acres of land.
  • It’s a beautiful green area without any crowds where you can go for a walk and see multiple lakes!
  • There’s a beach as well where most people hangout and go for a swim!
  • Expect some crowd around peal seasons tho!

Wolkenhain auf dem Kienberg :

Gmap :

  • If you live in the area, you definitely have to visit this observation deck in the evening!
  • One can get stunning views of the city which makes the experience truly magical!
  • This is easily one of the best places in Berlin to watch the sunset and gaze into the night sky!

BergWerk.Berlin :

Gmap :

Check their Official Website for Prices : Website

  • Bored of Museums and gardens in berlin? Here’s an adventure park for you to visit!
  • This is an indoor adventure park which makes it available in all seasons 
  • There are many tracks that one can choose to cross and each comes with its own challenge. Both adults and kids can participate in these.
  • This can be a really good place to visit for a date or with family.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg :

  • This is a popular spot for young tourists who come here for the nightlife! 
  • One can see a very interesting mix of people living here! 
  • Most of Berlin’s clubs are located here!


Gmap :

Entry Free

  • If you ever wished to hang out in an airport, then this is the place for you. This is 386 hectare open space with 6 Km hiking, skating and jogging trail!
  • One can bike around the place, or lay down in the grass and chill!
  • Get yourself a drink, something to eat and a beer! The food here is very delicious as well!
  • Shows will be conducted in the parking area!
  • There is a grilling area here as well!
  • On a bright summer day you can see people flying kites and just chilling around the park!
  • The parking here is free as well as the entry.
  • The beauty of this place is in its sheer size! It’s so beautiful and big and there’s so much exploring that one can do around here!
  • Here’s an insider tip : Come here around Sunset to enjoy the place completely!


Gmap :

  • Many people say that this is the best park in Berlin that’s situated on the top of a hill with an artificial waterfall!
  • One can get a really great view of Kreuzberg and surrounding areas from the viewpoints in the park
  • It is small compared to Templehofer Feld but is quiet and filled with greenery!
  • With this being one of the few parks in Berlin with an Elevation, one can visit here to watch the sunset!

Bockler Park :

Gmap :

  • It’s a good place to hang out with friends and family and relax. Some even like to spend their whole day here
  • It’s a good place to go for a run or walk around just enjoying the serenity of Berlin

Oranienstrasse :

Gmap :

  • Wish to explore the hippest neighborhood in all of Berlin or even Germany, Kreuzberg is the place to be and Oranienstrasse is in the heart of it all!
  • If you wish to explore international cuisine, endless cafes, restaurants, designer shops, small shops, convenience stores, pubs and bars all in the same place, visit Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
  • There’s just so much about this 

Ankerklause : 

Gmap :

  • This is a small bar between Neukölln and Kreuzberg. This place offers some breathtaking views 
  • This place is a must visit in Kreuzberg as we get to experience amazing beer and wine along the river overlooking the swans in the kennel
  • There’s some vegan options as well for us to explore!

Explore Street Art : The popular murals of Kreuzberg!

  • Follow this Street Art map to uncover some of the most beautiful street arts in the world!
  • Here are some names of the popular Murals found in Kreuzberg!
    • Community Project
    • Hall of fame at cinema intimes
    • Arsek Erase : The Berlin Bomber
    • Mateo Lepeintre “There’s so such thing as bad publicity! “ 
    • One Truth by Swiss Knife
    • BLU: The pink man
  • But hey don’t just stick to the popular arts. Being in Berlin there’s mind blowing art in every part of the city! Explore them all!

Engelbecken Park

Gmap :

  • Well, yes! Here’s another amazing park where one can walk around and have a drink with an amazing view!
  • This is a good place to spend the evening with your friends and family and also to go for a peaceful walk!

East Side Gallery : 

Gmap :

  • One could see a lot of artwork in the walls of the gallery and it is a must-visit in Berlin! 


  • Has government areas
  • Lots of museum’s
  • High class hotels
  • A lot of tech startups and successful companies are here! 
  • Not a lot of restaurants or bars are here
  • Mitte is quite expensive and hence most locals don’t live here. 
  • But most of the tourist attractions can be found here! : Filled with tourists! 

Museum Island :

Gmap :

  •  Big fan of architecture? This island and the places around it is filled with amazing buildings
  • Go on a ride/walk around this area in the summer to just relish the beauty of this place. 

Government District :

Gmap :

  •  the heart of this government district is the Reichstag Building with its iconic glass Dome! 
  • Remember to register in advance before visiting
  • You will get fantastic views of the city from here! 
  • Dine in the Reichstag Building :
    • The Reichstag building has historical significance and has this amazing view of the city from both the ends! 
    • It could take months to get tickets for visit this place
    • But there’s a restaurant at the top of the Reichstag building for which you can get reservations if you just book a week earlier

Checkpoint Charly / Gendarmwnmarkt / Friedrichssrrasse: 

Gmap :

  • This place used to be the crossing between West and East Berlin! 
  • You can still see a bunch of people standing there dressed as American military soldiers and people taking photographs with them! 
  • The places surrounding checkpoint charly has some expensive designer shops and great architecture. 

Hackesher Markt:

Gmap :

  • This place has the Hackeschen Hofe : This is a small maze of impressive backyards connected with each other and permanently and is open to the public permanently

Fernsehturm and Alexander Platz :

Gmap :

  • This place has the famous big tower and Alexander Platz which is near Fernsehturm is also one of the most visited tourist places even though locals consider the place ugly. 
  • This place also has the highest rates of crime and multiple tourist traps so be careful! 

West Berlin Zoo :

Gmap :

  • Is probably one of the most diverse zoo in the world with so many animals being there! 

World’s Largest Aquarium : 

Gmap :

  • Thus is found in the lobby area of Radisson Blu in Berlin 
  • This 13 million Euro Aquarium is 25 meter high and is 12 meters in diameter. 

Berliner Mauer : Ride across the wall:

Gmap :

  • The Berlin Wall used to be 160 Kms long to keep the east berliners from moving to the West
  • Most of the wall is torn down and destroyed but one can always drive along the Berliner Mauer to get a feel of it all

HolzMarkt – Mitte :

Gmap :

  • This is an extension to the popular electro club kater
  • There won’t be any bouncers rejecting you here. 
  • This is a small creative village built directly along the banks of the river spree
  • This is an urban retreat and everyone is welcome! 
  • There’s multiple bars and you can sit on the benches right next to the river. 

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf : 


Gmap : 

  • It’s a small but adorable place to visit for a swim or a walk around the lake!
  • It’s quite popular and so expect crowds during the weekends!
  • You can spot some free body/naked people in the area but that shouldnt be a surprise since you are in Germany
  • Like one of the local states “It’s a healthy dose of nature to heal your soul from the constant city life!“
  • An insider tip is to not ingest any water in the lake as it is not drinkable.
  • It is also easily accessible from the city which makes it a good destination.


Gmap : 

  • One of the rare hilly hikes one gets to experience in Berlin 
  • First go to Teufelsseechaussee and then start climbing the Drachenberg then continue to go to Teufelsberg. 
  • The path there is scenic and beautiful and in Teufelsberg summit one can see an old abandoned listening station
  • Nature with history!

Charlottenburg Palace:

Gmap :

Entry to garden is free

Entry inside the palace costs : Around 15 Euros

  • This is a big palace that was built back in the 17th century and is now a major tourist attractions where parts of the old palace is open to visitors!
  • With breathtaking architecture and stunning interiors, this place can blow anyone’s mind!
  • There are many audio guides that take you through the palace!
  • The park that’s in the front of the palace is quite magnificent especially in the spring where it’s filled with colorful flowers!
  • If you are big on photography, you would enjoy the place but there are some sections where photos are strictly prohibited!

Kurfürstendamm :

Gmap :

  • This is one of THE MOST POPULAR shopping boulevards in Berlin and a trip to berlin is incomplete without a stroll down Kurfürstendamm
  • Popular locations as such are crowded so expect it! There are so many stores, shops and restaurants for you to explore here!
  • This place is magical during the Christmas time with all the lights!
  • Clothing, electronics, groceries, asian, Indian, Turkish and so many more restaurants are lined up here one after the other!

Teufelsberg : 

Gmap :

Entry ticket : 8 euros

  • This is a hill near Teufelssee where you can see a combination of street art and stunning views of the city!
  • This was used as a spy center by the British and their allies which was closed in 1992 after which Street artists took its place.
  • Anyway you turn, there’s artistic things all around 

Museum of Photography :

Gmap :

  • Yes you read it right! This is a museum filled with different collections of photographs dedicated to Helmut Newton.
  • It might take around 2 hours to explore the place
  • There’s also a room dedicated to architectural photography
  • This is one of the best ways to represent the life work of someone passionate and great! Soon they might even have rooms for different types of photography!

Gleis 17, Grunewald:

Gmap :

  • This is a railway station with a heavy history behind it. “platform 17” is the primary station that was used to deport Berlin Jews to the East during Holocaust 
  • It’s been estimated that over 50,000 Jews were transported from this platform by the end of world war 2
  • This is definitely one of the most emotional and impactful memorials that you would ever go to.
  • One should visit the place and take some time to experience the gravity of the place!
  • Each panel shows the number of Jews deported from there and the dates and where they were sent to.

Other places to visit :

  • Bröhan Museum
  • Berggruen Museum
  • The story of Berlin Museum
  • Theater des Westens
  •  Deutsche Oper Berlin
  • Kathe Kollwitz Museum
  • Olympiastadion Berlin

Steglitz-Zehlendorf :

Sacrower See:

GMap : 

  • Another swimming lake near Berlin around which one can go for a nice walk under the forest cover!
  • It’s approximately 10 Kms long
  • One can also see a lot of little beaches along the way. But don’t get inside if you don’t know how to swim because the lake gets pretty deep pretty soon!
  • In summers, there’s alot of crowd in this place which makes it a bit hectic to have a peaceful picnic 
  • If you have kids, this is just an amazing place to be!
  • Parking can be a bit tricky and sometimes we might have to park so far away that it takes awhile to get back to the lake
  • There’s also some cafes nearby for you to explore!

 Havelhöhenwanderweg : 

Gmap : 

  • Located between berlin and Potsdam
  • For true nature lovers and hikers this place is a paradise as we have to hike uphill and downhill with a marvelous view!
  • It can be a bit tricky to find the signs sometimes but overall it’s just a dreamy place to be!
  • The hike takes approximately 4-5 hours and stretches through 10 kms!
  • The hike ends at a beach which makes the experience so much more enchanting.

Lake Schlachtensee:

Gmap : 

  • If you are looking for a quick walk around a lake in Berlin, lake schlachtensee is the right place for you!
  • There’s forest around the coast with some magnificent views!
  • It’s approximately 7 Kms around the lake and it’s situated in a forest which makes it a perfect hiking spot!
  • In addition to this, boats can be rented here as well!
  • The other popular swimming lake, the lake Krumme Lanke is also present in the region!

Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum :

Gmap :

Entry ticket : 6 Euros

For kids and students : 3 Euro

  • Another paradise for nature lovers in Berlin with a lot of trees, flowers, ponds and nature to admire!
  • There’s also an aquarium inside and a lot of varieties of plants and flowers to go through.
  • It will take around 2-4 hours to explore the entire place.
  • There are green houses filled with plants and so much more. This is definitely an amazing place to visit if you are in Berlin.
    • The inside gardens close at 6:30 PM, so consider this before you purchase the evening tickets

Pfaueninsel :

The round ticket is 4 Euros for an adult 

Gmap :

  • This is an island in the river Havel with around 67 hectares of land filled with Woodland and fields
  • The island was inhabited for a long time until 1793 when a Prussian king acquired it and built a castle for himself there.
  • The entire area is a natural reserve since 1990 along with its parks and castles!
  • One can see many free roaming peacocks and other exotic birds there.
  • The entry of dogs are prohibited here
  • Pack everything you need for your day after from the city! Immerse yourself into this island and feel your stress fade away

Castle on Peacock Island:

Gmap :

  • On the same island there is a castle like we mentioned before. Do visit the place while you are on Peacock island!
  • The castle is sometimes inaccessible because of maintenance work. 
  • It is expected to open in 2024 after renovation

Liebermann-Villa am Wannsee:

Gmap :

  • This is a very peaceful place by the lake with beautiful gardens all around
  • Audio guides are available so bring your headsets to explore the place

Other places to see

  • Glienicker Brücke : A bridge connecting Wannsee and Potsdam.
  • Brücke Museum

Tempelhof Schoneberg (South) :

Potsdamer Platz/ Holocaust Denkmal / Brandenburger Tor:

Gmap :

  • These locations are in walking distances from each other and has some high historic significance! 
  • The mall of Berlin is in the area and is the biggest shopping mall in the city. 

KaufHaus Des Westens :

Gmap :

  • This is a departmental store in Berlin that was built in 1907 and it’s considered Germany’s best- known store as it is the largest in europe with over 60,000 square meters of sales area!
  • In addition to this, this store has been featured in multiple movies since 1994!
  • There’s a food hall in the top floor with a huge variety of food from delis ,Thai, delicious bakeries! It’s a bit expensive but is said to be extremely delicious and totally worth it!
  • One can find luxury brands in clothes, cosmetics as well as many grocery stores where we can buy stuff for home.
  • One should visit the mall to just soak into the atmosphere and experience! 

Urban Nation :

Gmap :

Entry is free?

  • This is a hidden gem in Berlin for those who love urban art, graffiti, street art, sculptures and photography.
  • One can understand the history of black people in Berlin here along with many other interesting facts about artists and their works!
  • This is THE PERFECT PLACE for a photoshoot as well especially the room with all the walls covered in graffiti 
  • It’s a small gallery so it won’t take too much time to explore but is a must visit in Berlin!

Nature Park Schöneberger :

Gmap :

Entry Fee : 1 Euro

  • This is a 18 hectare public park located in the former Tempelhof railway yard.
  • The park hosts numerous endangered plants, insects and animal specials. The numbers really would blow your mind!
  • Could spend a couple of hours walking through this beautiful park and immerse ourselves in nature. Nothing is as beautiful as watching trees grow all over railway tracks. Brings a unique beauty to the place.
  • There’s a couple of historical buildings here as well!

Marlene Dietrich Burial Site:

Gmap : 

  • Marlene is a Berlin born film star who rocked the film industry back in the days
  • She played a good part in world war 2 by helping and releasing Jewish prisoners and also entertaining the American army at war zones in Europe
  • If you are a fan of her work, you can visit the place!

Gasometer Schöneberg:

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  • It is one of the most popular and impressive industrial monuments in Berlin that rises 80 meters high into the sky!
  • It was built in 1913 and was used to contain low pressure gas but later used as an advertising space, event space and a television studio.
  • Do book a guided tour if you wish to climb this monument! And it’s only allowed in the summer months!
  • Definitely an amazing spot in Berlin to watch the sunset
  • Please note that some people become dizzy after a certain height and this is not for everyone!

Other places to visit :

  • Viktoria-Luise-Platz
  • Schoneberg Rathaus
  • Alter St. Matthaus Kirchhof
  • American church
  • Ey Alter
  • Malzfabric


Klunkerkranich – A rooftop bar :

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  • Situated in the top of a parking lot , this place has the best views of the city along with amazing drinksdrinks,  delicious lecker food and live music as well! 
  • To avoid getting stuck in queues, try to be there early! 

Britzer Garten :

Gmap :

Entrance Ticket : 3 Euros

  • It is a green oasis in the heart of Neukolln with rose, tulip and dahlia gardens
  • One can experience this place in different seasons since there are so many seasonal flowers there.s
  • One can spend an entire day here as it’s big and there’s so much to explore!
  • There’s a big lake here around which there are some cafes and cute sitting benches where we can hang and relax 
  • In addition to all this, it’s very well connected by public transport!

Landwehrkanal + Turkish Market

Gmap :

  • This is a man made canal in Berlin around which there are many cafes shops and restaurants!
  • Many berliners love to just stroll around the canal 
  • One can also cruise through the canal to experience it to another level!
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, along the Maybachufer stasse, one can find Turkish markets which gives us the Istanbul vibes!

Körnerpark :

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  • It is another public park built in 1916 that offers gardens, fountains ,cafes and a great experience for those seeking some time off from the city
  • The park is 2.4 hectare big with live concerts offered on Fridays and open air cinema on Fridays!
  • There’s a small art gallery here as well and plenty of grass lands to sit and chill

Neuköllner Oper:

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  • Wish to watch an opera and have a great evening in a good atmosphere? Here’s the place for you!
  • The plays are good and the prices are fair. The theater is small and compact but has a good atmosphere!
  • The food here is good as well.

Stadtbad Neukölln :

Gmap :

  • It’s a swimming pool that was first constructed in 1914 and was considered the most beautiful swimming pool in all of Europe! What’s so interesting about this place?
  • Just the architecture and the aura of the place is vibrant and unique and carries you back in time!
  • Water spitting lions, Huge towering pillars, mosaic windows and the lighting behind it all!
  • Some Days they even offer naked swimming in candle lights! Does it get any better than this?

KINDL – Contemporary art center :

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  • A brewery started in 1920s now serves as a home for modern contemporary art display and a cafe!
  • This place is unique in its own way with breathtaking and powerful exhibitions and shows!

Other places to visit here :

  • Hufeisensiedlung : An housing estate in Berlin 

Treptow Kopenick : 

Muggelberg :

GMap : 

  • Muggelberg is one of the nicest locations in Berlin to go for a hike with its sense forest and numerous biking and hiking trails
  • Ahh a well relaxed trip away into the mountains? Well add that with numerous pubs and beer garden in the area to make it a good trip to remember!
  • There’s two recommended places to visit : Großer Müggelberg und Kleiner Müggelberg. 
  • Both are amazing but Kleiner Müggelberg offers a better view with over 50 kms visibility range.
  • It is also the highest natural elevation of berlin

Krossinsee – Seddinpromenade : 

Gmap : 

  • This is another lake in Berlin thats good for swimming, water sports and for a walk or stroll around!
  • The walk around the park takes around 8.27 miles!
  • Not a very popular hiking spot in Berlin tho!
  • The lake is shallow so one can even walk into it for awhile before they have to swim.
  • It’s not a very crowded place and so people wishing to get some time with nature in silence can come here!
  • This can be a great place for families and couples! But hey don’t hesitate to explore the place alone either!

Lakeside Hiking : MuggelSee :

Gmap : 

  • This hiking trail starts from the southern shore of the Grosser Müggelseesee and goes until the beautiful Müggelspreewiesen nature reserve!
  • This is a little longer hike with an approximate length of 15 Kms and takes upto 5 hours to complete!
  • This place can be a little hard to reach with the public transport because of the schedules and delays and wait times and some people suggest that it is not worth the pain
  • This is mainly because the tram doesn’t go to the bench part of the lake and that’s a drawback!
  • But overall the walk around the lake can be magical and scenic! 
  • Here’s a surprise : One can see some nudist in the area often as it’s an fkk area ( Free body culture!)

Weidelandschaft Erpetalwiesen :

Gmaps : 

  • The walking trail is around 8.81 miles long and would take at least 4 hours to get around
  • It’s filled with lush green plants with immense scenic views along its path
  • One can watch various wildlife along the way like water buffalos, pheasants and kingfisher
  • One can explore it from Hirschgarten to Friedrichshagen or to Hoppegarten
  • Overall it’s a wonderful natural landscape where we can have a relaxed stroll and let our mind wander.

Treptower Park :

Gmap :

  • This is another magnificent park in Berlin alongside the river spree with a Soviet memorial!
  • Said to be one of the cleanest park in Berlin and it’s always amazing to spend the evening laying in grass alongside a river!
  • It’s said to be extremely calm and tranquil. You can even rent vehicles to do activities in the river!
  • There’s also many Soviet monuments of Soviet soldiers that come with their own WW2 history in berlin.
  • While you are here visit the snack bar and restaurants with a beer garden! 

Spree Park :

Gmap :

+49 30 700906710

Cost : 5 Euros 

  • Spree Park is a former amusement park from 1969 that was closed in 2002. Ever since nature took over
  • This park is featured in the film Hanna! 
  • But they tore down all the remains of the amusement park recently in 2019 and it costs 5 Euros per person to just walk through nature!
  • Must book a tourguide to explore this place!

Köpenick Palace :

Gmap :

  • This is a castle that was built in 1558 and was used as a hunting lodge, headquarters for kings,exhibition place and so much more. 
  • Now it has a museum of arts and has a permanent exhibition as well!
  • In addition to this, the castle sits on a river island and surrounded by beautiful parks with amazing views!
  • The place also hosts some chamber music concerts to experience the 18th and 19th century vibe in the palace
  • There’s also a small garden in the museum fronts that is free of cost to visit!
  • They also host a wine festival in the castle courtyard with soft music which is a must experience in Berlin. 

Falkenberg Garden City :

Gmap :

  • This is a garden City that was built between 1913 and 1916 with unique houses with startling exterior colors! It even has its own nickname ” Paint Box Estate”
  • Experience the very relaxed and beautiful atmosphere here in the locality with small colourful houses with beautiful gardens
  • It’s is also an UNESCO World Heritage site!
  • The residents are also said to be very friendly and permit you in their gardens to take pictures as well!
  • Wish to live in fairytale? This is the place to be! This just can’t get better than this!

Kietz :

Gmap :

  • This is a neighborhood in Berlin with some of the oldest traditional houses that could date back centuries!
  • This remained as an independent village until 1898 and was first mentioned back in 1355!
  • The roads lead down to the dahme river and this place would definitely transport you to a different time! 


Liepnitzsee Hiking Trail :

Gmap : 

  • I was looking for ways to describe this place and Google described it the best way!
    • Forest Fringed Swimming lake with beaches, boat rentals and a ferry to the central island!
  • There’s dense forest and hills surrounding the lake which makes it a perfect getaway with nature!
  • There’s so many water sports in the area and it is one of the best spots near Berlin to enjoy a day in bathing.
  • This is one of the rare places where you can see extremely clear and turquoise water
  • This place becomes more magnificent in the fall season!
  • Look out for the parking fees while you visit the place.


Written by Sai Subramaniam

Honestly, who doesn’t love to travel? We have only one life and we must be so grateful to be living in such a beautiful planet! Exploring different countries and cultures and making experiences with people is the best part of living. Don’t waste your life away imprisoned by jobs and responsibilities. Let go and travel the world!

Let me guide you in this journey through this planet!

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