cheapest countries to visit from india

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India | Affordable Destinations

Who doesn’t love to travel?

 From exciting beaches to enchanting mountain tops to historical buildings to exotic food and vacation clothing to once in a lifetime adventures, travel gives it all to us! 

Travel can be exciting and memorable but it does come with a price! 

With the covid 19 pandemic gripping our throats physically, emotionally and financially, alot of us would have tight budgets if there’s any at all for travelling, right? 

But you can still keep your travel abroad dreams alive by visiting some of these affordable and beautiful travel destinations! 




Train cost :

The cost of travelling in train from kolkata to Bhutan is around 500

So a round trip would cost around Rs. 1000

Local travel costs : 

Buses: Based on the distance of travel the rate may range from Rs.80 to Rs. 500. These costs are quite reasonable and are equivalent to the ones we see in our country!

Taxis : The cost required to afford taxies are quite similar to the ones in our county and can cost around Rs.300 on average

Food costs: It doesnt cost too much to eat in bhutan. It could take around Rs.300-400 per person per day for food

Stays in Bhutan : It could cost around Rs. 400 per person per day for accommodation.

Total estimated budget : Rs. 9000 per week 

Cost per day: Rs. 1500 – Rs. 2000 per day


Monasteries and temples:

From beautiful statues inviting photographers from all around the world to monasteries located in the most amazing mountain tops, Bhutan is filled with such historical temples!

Punakha Dzong is the place where all bhutans kings are crowned and it’s construction started at 1637. The amazing fact about all these places are that most of them are located in really beautiful hills and scenic places! 

Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Buddha Dordenma ,  Thimphu:
  • Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Paro
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Ripun Dzong, paro
  • National Museum paro

Scenic beauties:

From breathtaking high mountain passes to picturesque suspension bridges, Bhutan has the whole package when it comes to nature sightseeing. 

Bhutan is a country that’s blessed with extraordinary and gorgeous mountainscapes! From places like Dochula Pass which is among the most sought after places in Bhutan, one could see snow covered himalayan mountains and just enjoy the entire way from Thimphu to Punaka

Let’s take a look at a few

  • Chele la, paro
  • Punakha suspension bridge
  • Dochula pass, Thimphu
  • Chokhor Valley, Bhutan:

Fun things to do :

Other than the endless scenic roads and mountain views, a lot of tourists visit Bhutan for all the adventurous activities that one gets to experience on their stay there!

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is a 5 day trek stretched across the most beautiful mountain ranges and we get the see the bluest water ever possible in the views of the lakes

  • Rafting in Mo chu River
  • Haa Valley Biking and Trekking
  • Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek
  • Kayaking
  • Jomolhari Trek
  • Hot springs in Punakha and Bumthang 
  • Duer hot spring trek
  • Mountain Biking in Paro Valley and Phobjikha Valley
  • Paragliding in Kamshet Ura Valley


Sri Lanka

Travel costs:


The Visa Application process is online and it would cost around 1300-1500 INR


The cost of a round trip flight can cost from 8K to 20K per person based on which part of the country you are flying from


The cost of rental bikes in Sri Lanka is more or less the same as the costs in our country. It could cost anywhere from 1-2K based on the bikes you use


Other than the city of colombo, the accommodation is quite cheap anywhere else in Srilanka.

The prices start from as cheap as Rs.500-750 and can also go upto Rs.3500 based on the luxury level we go upto.


Food is not at all expensive in Sri Lanka and can be as low as Rs.200 per person per day!

Average Cost per day/person : Rs 1500 per day

Overall cost per week : Rs. 10,000 / week (Excluding flights)

The cost could be higher if you eat, sleep and travel luxuriously but even then Srilanka is a very cheap , yet beautiful travel destination.

Sri Lanka Highlights:

Historical Monuments:

Sri Lanka onsitutues some of the most beautiful places with historical significance. Sigiriya is an 1600 year old fortress that gives people the chills the first time they see it. From fortress to Royal palaces to 88 ft Buddha states to ruins of ancient cities, sri lanka has it all!



Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic:

Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

International Biddhist Museum

Scenic Beauties:

From breathtaking countryside’s, to19th century dense and beautiful hill stations, mesmerizing treks to jaw dropping waterfalls there’s plenty of scenic beauties in Sri Lanka that one can visit and enjoy!

Ella : The beautiful country sides of Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya:

Adams Peak:

Bentota Beach:

St Clairs Falls, Tawalanenne

Sigriya Rock

Brief Garden

Fun Things to do:

Kandy to Ella Countryside

Elephant Orphanage

Palm Tree Swings

Suba Diving in Trincomalee Temple City

Hot balloons in Kandalama Village


  • Kandy
  • Adams Peak

Travel Costs:


The cost of flights if we get a good deal is 


Cost of hostel dorm Rs. 350-400

Good hotels also cost around Rs.1000 only


Overnight buses can cost upto Rs. 1000

Shared rides are available as well and they could cost upto Rs.300

Local entrance fees to certain popular destinations can cost from Rs. 100- Rs.200

Bike Rentals are available at very cheap rates : from Rs. 200


Local food : Rs.100-150

Western food : Rs.300

Street food: Under Rs.100

Water : Around Rs.50

Cost per week : Rs. 20,000- Rs.25,000 (excluding Flight Charges)

Average Cost Per day : Rs.1500-Rs.2000 (on budget travel)

Historical and Religious Locations:

From beautiful Buddhist temples to exploring the remains of the stone age along the tribal villages,

  • Vientiane
  • Plain of Jars

Scenic Beauty:

Laos is a densely forested country with so many sightseeing places that would make your soul crave to live in places like these. Gorgeous Waterfalls with magical scenes, scary and adventurous boat trips into caves, living in a group of 4000 islands,

  • Vang Vieng
  • Kuang Si Waterfalls
  • Tham KongLo Caves
  • Si Phan Don Islands
  • Champasak Falls
  • Kuandsi Waterfalls
  • Nam Xay Viewpoint

Fun things to do :

  • Mountain Climbing in Vang Vieng
  • Air Baloons in Vang Vein
  • Kayaking in Nong Kiau
  • Bike trip across Thakhek


Flight cost : Rs.15,000-Rs.30,000 (Round trip) 


VISA would be given on arrival Rs.2000


Cost of a decent dorm room could cost Rs.700- Rs.1200

Cost of a three star hotels could cost from Rs.2000- Rs.3000


Trains could cost around Rs.1500- Rs.1600 from bangkok to Chiang Mai

Buses could cost around Rs.1000 across major destinations

Single day bike rentals can cost around Rs.300- Rs.500

Sky Trains : Rs 40-80


Street Food: 60-200

Other good restaurants costs around : Rs. 200-400

Average cost of eating out in Thailand could cost around Rs.800-Rs.1000


Skydiving : Rs.20,000

Bungee Jumping Rs. 5000

Ziplining : Rs.7000

Island Tours Costs : Rs.3000- Rs.7000

Bangkok : Night life

Phuket Pattaya : Water sports

Average Cost of visiting thailand for a week : Rs. 20,000- Rs.25,000 per week

Average cost per day :  Rs.3000- Rs.3500/day



Have you ever visited bangkok? A city with the most vibrant street life and filled with skyscrapers and exciting marketplaces! And when I say exciting, it means EXCITING!

  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai Night Market
  • Ayuthaya
  • Floating Market
  • Railway Market


  • Mae Kampong Hill Tribe


Whiteland beaches, lush forests, gigantic hills, exciting activities like scua diving, snorkling, rock climbing, sailing, mountain biking, game fishing , night clubs and bars! Welcome to the islands of Thailland! From Endless secluded beaches to exciting viewpoints prepare to get your minds blown. 

Are you a big fan of luxury Resorts? Then Thailand is the right place for you!

  • Ko Phangan
  • Ko Phi Phi
  • Koh Tao
  • Koh Tao
  • Railay
  • Ko Samui




Cheap Rooms with air conditioning would cost around Rs.600-Rs.1100

But double bedded guest rooms and hostels can be booked for Rs.300-Rs.400


The cost of food in Indonesia is quite cheap and affordable and if you are travelling on a decent budget then it could cost from Rs.700-1000 per day/person


Since Indonesia is a big places with alot of destinations staying far away from each other, people might even have to take flights to go between islands.

Local Trains : Local trains can cost from Rs.450-700

Overnight Buses : Overnight buses can cost from Rs 700-Rs.1200

Renting a motorcycle : Rs.500- Rs.600 Including Petrol costs

Rental cars could cost a bit higher : Rs.1500-Rs.2000

Overall Budget : 10,000- 15,000 per week (Without flights)

Cost Per day : Depending on where you stay and what you eat, this number would very significantly! It could be as low as Rs.1300- Rs.2000 per day to around Rs.4000-Rs.7000 per day

Incredible Architectures and Temples:

Bali is more than just it’s beautiful beaches and luxury hotels. Wish to visit buddhist temples from the 8th century?

  • Borobudur
  • Yogyakarta
  • Pura Tanah Lot
  • Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
  • Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Scenic Beauty:

Anyone who has heard and seen Indonesia, the first thing that comes to their minds is the sheer beauty of the place! White sand beaches with crystal clear light blue water that just gives way to really cool social media pictures and makes up for the perfect beach holiday!

Want to take a peek at multicoloured lakes? Take a walk along the pink beaches of Komodo Island?

But Indonesia is more than just about it’s beaches!

  • Jatiluwih Rice Fields
  • Raja Ampat Islands
  • Gili Islands
  • Flores Island : Multicoloured lakes
  • Pink Beach in komodo Islands
  • Kai Islands
  • Weh Islands

Fun things to do:

  • Diving
  • Snorkling
  • Ridge Walking : Campuhan
  • Visit Komodo National Park


Travel Costs:

Flight Cost : It could cost around Rs. 6000-7000 for the flight cost from delhi to kathmandu

Train costs : The train cost could be around Rs.1100 But again it depends on which part of the country you are from

Accomodation Cost :

Accommodation options are available from Rs. 450 per night to over Rs.3500 per night. Check out Mitra Garden inn, Nepali Cottage Guest house for the best offers you could potentially find.

Food Cost :

The local food available in Nepal is much cheaper than the wetern ones. 

For travellers in budget and mid range travellers, cost of one main meal could be from Rs.150-Rs.250

While trekking there will be food available but those prices are a little higher and can vary from Rs.120- Rs 400

Other Activity Costs:

Jeep Rides in National Parks : Rs.2000

Guided Hill Trek : Rs.21,000

Paragliding : Rs.6300

Overall Budget: Rs.10,000- Rs.13,000/week / person

Cost of living (Budget Travellers) : Rs.1000/per person/day

Mid Range Travellers : Rs.2800/per person/day

Luxury Travellers : Rs. 5300/per person/day

Temples and Cities:

From ancient cities that flourished because of the 19th century trade routes to majestic temples which leaves us in awe at the sight of it, nepal is filled with historically significant places

  • Bhaktapur
  • Swayambhunath : The monkey temple
  • Patan Durbar Square

Scenic Beauties:

Are you a big fan of trekking? Do you love the mountains a lot? Are you up for weeks of trek that takes you through the most amazing views and remote destinations? Want to explore the remote villages and towns we find buried deep in the mountains?

If anyone just gets a peek of the list given below, you would know how adventurous and fun visiting nepal could be!

  • Trekking in Annapurna Region
  • Trekking in Langtang Region
  • Pokhara Adventure activities
  • Kathmandu Valley Mountain Biking
  • Bardia National park : Safaris and Private Jungle Trek
  • Nature Valleys Bungee Jumping


Written by Sai Subramaniam

Honestly, who doesn’t love to travel? We have only one life and we must be so grateful to be living in such a beautiful planet! Exploring different countries and cultures and making experiences with people is the best part of living. Don’t waste your life away imprisoned by jobs and responsibilities. Let go and travel the world!

Let me guide you in this journey through this planet!

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